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Learning whilst immersed in the culture

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Have any of you started to learn Japanese whilst actually in Japan?

That's my situation right now, and I'm hoping that being here will assist in speeding up the learning process. Even if you're not learning Japanese necessarily, I would still love to hear from you if you've had any experience in learning a language whilst being in the country that language is spoken in. How did being immersed in the culture and hearing the language every day speed up your learning process (if at all?)

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I have tried immersing in a place where native speakers speak the language I am trying to learn. I did this way way back in trying to learn Ilonngo, a native language of the Philippines which is very far from the Japanese Language though but is worth mentioning here. Yes, it really helped a lot because I got to see and here first hand how the language is being applied and used daily by the native speakers and you as the learner can try to adapt these in your learnings. I did this for three whole months and I was able to master the language after three more months of study. My advice is to continue doing the immersion for it is a very effective tool in mastering a language of any type but still you must supplement this still with other tools like books, the internet and a lot more stuff. Good luck in your journeys and language learning. More power to you.

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