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Level of fluency


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I am curious to know how many levels does the Spanish language has when it comes to being able to use it fluently both written and oral? At what level can you safely say that you can be on your own using the language with no help or guide? At what level are you now in?

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Just like with most languages that use our writing system... it's the same.  I think I'm very close to becoming fluent in Dutch, I calculate my level is now a bit beyond basic, but in other 6 months it might be on the verge of ''advanced''.  At least if I keep working as hard as I have been working lately :)

In short, the moment you don't have to think do much before building a sentence on the spoken or written for, that is the moment when I can truly say I am fluent.  When things flow naturally  and effortlessly that is when I know I've mastered the language.

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Some of the most challenging "features" of the Spanish language are the correct handling of verb tenses and noun genders. As you know, in Spanish anything can be a male or female noun and there are at least 5 tenses in which a verb can be conjugated with a huge load of irregularities. There is also some strong consonants like "rr" and "j" which may be troublesome for the beginner.

I'd say once you get through that, you can say that you are at advanced / expert level.

In my opinion basic / intermediate levels involve learning the basic constructs and lots of vocabulary / pronunciation. Most Spanish speakers will understand you even if you don't articulate phrases 100% correctly, if you develop a decent pronunciation and get ideas clearly in your head.


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I think the most common frame for proficiency uses beginners level, elementary proficiency, Limited proficiency, Advanced proficiency, Professional then native. I'm not sure though if it applies to all country. Getting proficiency for a language will cost you a lot of money but totally worth it. 

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