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Spanish Language for Kids - Free Iphone App!


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This app is a great educational software that helps you understand and pronounce Spanish words in the shortest possible time. Excellent app for all who makes the first steps in learning Spanish.

Learn new words quickly and easily! Perfect app for kids, teachers, students, adults, travellers and for anyone who is interested in studying foreign languages.

The learning process consists of four modes .

The first mode is used to memorize new words. Each card includes a picture and button with the pronunciation of the word.

The second and the third modes are used for checking the acquired material. Include the translation from English to Spanish and on the contrary.

In the fourth mode you need to define the word according to its pronunciation.

Includes topics:

1) Animals and birds

2) Job

3) Food & Beverage

4) Sport and Fitness

5) Travel

6) School and Education

7) New Year

Download: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/spanish-language-for-kids/id963576436?l=ru&ls=1&mt=8




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My fiance is a newbie :)  I might recommend him this app, I know it's for kids, but I think this kind of apps are also good for people who have little to no experience with Spanish. It looks so pretty :)  I'm sure he is going to like it.  I think learning as many words as possible of the new language is important, actually now that I am seriously studying dutch I realize that. It's the same with Spanish... the more words you learn the better, so you can start communicating with others faster and your motivation grows.

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I literally just started learning Spanish so I'm gonna go ahead and give it a go. Duolingo is probably better though, because you get to translate sentences from English to Spanish and vice versa. So it's not just limited to translating words (paint = pintar / drink = beber / etc). Plus you also get to speak the language, which is another great thing about it. Great app nonetheless though! Will still be checking it out. Can't hurt to try.

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