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What are some tools to help me learn?

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I'm a native English speaker and I've been trying to learn Spanish for a month now.

I'm really looking for some tools that can help me learn faster, because I have limited time to dedicate to learning each day.

I found these AMAZING standardized decks of playing cards with a custom print that translates the most common Spanish or French phrases into English on Kickstarter @ http://kck.st/1EfVHIx. They include pronunciation tips and original artwork, and I think that they would DEFINITELY come in handy for me.

But what other tools can help me? Any ideas?


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I am using a mobile app called Duolingo. I find it practical and useful. The lessons are presented in a well structured manner. What I love about is everything has been laid out for me no more guessing whether I am taking a complete lesson or not.

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