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Get yourself a FREE spoken chinese tutor! All you have to do... is beta test!

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How's your spoken Chinese? Wish it were better?

Through our new APP, LinGoChat, we're offering 24/7 access to real, live Chinese tutors. Call anywhere, anytime and instantly connect to live operators who are there to get you speaking out about the things that matter most to you.

At LinGoChat we believe that:

1) Most people learn a language so they can speak it

2) To learn to speak you need to speak early, often, and on a variety of topics

3) Practicing with native speakers is absolutely the best (and most fun) way to achieve fluency!

We created LinGoChat to make it easy to get in the large amounts of 'human conversation practice' it takes to really speak a second language!

We’re looking for usability testers to try out LinGoChat for a week (Starting September) and give feedback on their first experience with the app. Beta testing phase begins in mid September. When the APP launches(October) beta testers will be given free minutes to continue using LinGoChat for months to come!

Start by filling out our application form here: https://lingochat.typeform.com/to/iZuKL6

Note: Everyone is welcome to apply but candidates that have a basic grasp of Mandarin, will be given preference.

What are you waiting for? Let's LinGoChat! :-)

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