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The Differences Between These Language Teaching Exams (TEFL-TESOL-DELTA-CELTA)


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Hi everybody,

I wanna take an official certificate to be able to teach English in my country. When i was looking for where i can get a certificate from, i noticed that there are lots of types of certificates.

I really do not understand why there are so many types and what the differences are between them.

1- Could u explain me the differences between them ?

2- Which one is the most wide-efficient one ? Which one is on a higher level of others ?

3- Where and how can i get one of these certificates from ? (Online or in Poland) (I'll be in Poland for a year)

4- Do i need to take a course first, to take a certificate or is it just possible getting them by passing one or two exams ? (I am quite sure that i can pass all exams on my own) 

5- Where of the world will i be able to teach English with these certificates ?

6- Are there any more certificates like these ones just to teach English ?

Thanks a lot to you and please write your answers one by one with the numbers :) :)

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I've never done any of them. Where will you be taking them? Maybe do a Google search or speak directly with your provider and see if they can help in distinguishing between them all and hopefully helping you make your decision.

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