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ou & où


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And here we go, another rule about the French language. Carry on, it may be hard to understand, given languages has different characteristics. Once again, explaining what it is before I explain how to remember what to use is important, because I personally hate to use something I don't understand myself.

So, "ou" & "où". An example of sentence: "Tu préfères de la salade ou des frites ?", or in English "Do you prefer salade or fries?". "ou" means basically "or" in English, used between two choices or more.

Meanwhile, "Tu es où ?" means "Where are you?", and "C'est ici où je me sens bien" means "It's here where I feel good". You would have guessed yourself, "où" means rather "where", but it can be used once again for locations. I think it is used also for time, but can't find examples so far. Help is welcome!

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