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Various vocabulary: truth, and beneficial?


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It is often told that French has a more various vocabulary than English. Can't talk about other languages because I don't know much what people thinks of the vocabulary compared to French, but what I can tell is that the vocabulary influences how you will learn the language and its complexity. Because, a rich vocabulary, it's basically means two things:

Many words who shares the same meanings (synonyms)

Some words have a more precise meaning that what you would use in English, where you would rather use multiple words to convey the meaning.

Doesn't matter the reason, it is harder to deal with a richer vocabulary. First thing: do you really think it is an benefit? For the learner, for the language, and for how it affects the learning?

The second thing: do we have really a more rich vocabulary than English? Compare two books, one in English, one in French, do you find many differences?

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