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Typing your own dictionary


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Some maybe wouldn't be able to explain it, but read something and writing something isn't the same task and when you write something, you're more going to remember it than when you won't write it. That might end up in a weird situation: something important but you didn't wrote will be forgotten, but something less important but written will be remembered on time. Weird, but true.

Based on that principle, instead of relying only on the text you usually write and the fact you may need it, why not try to write a dictionary of your target language yourself? For example, you need to learn English, and all words you can think of is written there. If you find some too obvious, don't waste time to write it, write rather the words you often meet but you don't understand straight away when reading. And you could go further: you may try to rewrite this dictionary few times a month in order to help your memory.

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I'm sorry, I'm not getting what you're saying at all. You're suggesting that we write all the words in a certain language that we know (I'm assuming with the meaning)? I feel like this isn't very realistic since it's impossible to remember all the words that you know. It's not necessarily always because you don't understand what the words means, but rather because some words slip to the back of your mind and you often don't remember it until you need to actually use it. That aside, there's thousands of words in every language, so unless you're a complete beginner who knows less than 250 words this would take hours if not days. Learners who are intermediate at the language will find it very hard to benefit from this. Sorry if I misunderstood anything.

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I get what you are saying.  I think it's a pretty good idea.  It would motivate you to learn all that you can about those words, while also keeping you inspired to keep learning the language.  I would have a native or at least very advanced speaker of the language look it over, though, to make sure you didn't miss or misunderstand anything.

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I'm not sure I understand what you are trying to point out here. :) So, I will just base my understanding on the title of the thread.

I have a co-worker who's trying to learn our local language, Cebuano. So, every time he hears phrases from locals and he doesn't understand them. He basically would type those phrases in his cellphone. He would then ask as the next day what it means and in what context those phrases should be used. He checks on these phrases he's written on his cellphone from time to time, and update as he goes along.

I believe writing the meaning of the local phrases he heard has helped improved his understanding. Although, he's still not fluent in the local language yet, he can now get by on his own speaking to locals in our language.

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