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Three types of the "official" vocabulary


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Meanwhile there's many vocabularies available, depending of the domain you are talking about, if it needs more or less languages because it talks about a lot of phenomena you wouldn't want to describe in the same sentence but rather try to call it with a name, there's three "official" vocabularies, basically, vocabularies that everyone in French will probably know.

Firstly, there's the "langage familier". This vocabulary uses the easy grammar and words of the French language, and you would want to use it only for conversations with friends, family, or anything you want to make friendly and not really "official" or "authoritative".

Then, here comes the "langage courant". You talk to someone else on the street, or you are talking to a cashier but in a customer-employee relationship rather than trying to be friendly, or also with coworkers you wouldn't like, you would choose this language. It features a moderate complexity. Some administrations may resort to it, bu far from all.

Finally, you have the "langage soutenu". In this case, anything official or you want to make official looking should use this complex vocabularies. In this case, you will face the hardest rules of the French grammar and the hardest words. As well used in books or literature.

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