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Buying rolling tobacco

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So, I'm in france for some time now and everyone I know uses the term "boîte de tabac" for the cans.

Today a very rude guy yelled at me because he did not know what "boîte de tabac" meant and that it was called "pot de tabac".

Ok, I love to learn. Perhaps I'm using the wrong term but everywhere on the internet I see both terms refering to the same thing. Is there any difference at all?

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Have you tried using a picture?  My fiancé's stepfather used to chew tobacco before he passed away.  He was very particular about the type he liked.  Some places didn't know what kind he was talking about.  He started to carry an empty can with him for those who didn't understand.  Once he showed it to them, they were sometimes able to point him to a place that carried that type.  Next time you are asking a shopkeeper for your tobacco, show him a picture.  Maybe even ask him/her how to say it in the language.  It could be that you are using the wrong word. 

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