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Dialect Formation


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I wonder how different versions of the same languages started.  I know that different places around the world have different languages (which I've wondered how that started, too).  But why do they have regional versions?  How did that start?  You see it in nearly every language.  Spanish spoken in Spain is different from Spanish spoken in Paraguay.  There's British English and American English.  What caused factions of languages?

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Dialects for different languages emerge because of two reasons: historical and social.

Historically, these are the following factors that change a language:

1. Settlement. This is one major distinguishing factor as to why dialects have emerged. A certain group of speakers may move to an area which influenced their language. The culture or populations in that are might influence their language, which in turn created minor or dramatic changes in the language, hence the formation of a dialect.

2. Migration routes. Again, migration can affect dialect formation because of varying influences from outside sources.

3. Geographical locations.

4. Language contact. This is where other languages influence another language.

Socially, these factors change a language:

1. Economic. It's just like, technical jargon, where your work influences your language. Also, urban areas have more changes in their dialect than rural areas where language development tends to be slower.

2. Social stratification. Language change varies from social levels, upper, middle and lower class.

3. Communication networks. The people you talk to determine changes in your dialect level.

4. Group. When you want to fit in a group, you learn and adapt their language.

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