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English/Tagalog/Filipino as language of instruction in Philippine schools?


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What are your thoughts on what the language of instruction of schools in the Philippines should be? I see the merits of using both Filipino (mother tongue, encourages new generations to be more fluent, better appreciation of the language) and English (some science/math concepts are best explained in English, used by public and private institutions, more international), so I was hoping to hear people's thoughts on the matter.

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English is the universal language so it only makes sense to teach universal concepts such as Math & Science in that language. However, history, Filipino and maybe even values education should be taught in our native tongue so the students can better appreciate and understand not only the language but our roots. A good balance of both languages is key here as we don't want to lose the language aspect of our culture but at the same time we want to be able to have a more universal reach. I think another foreign language should be encouraged in schools - maybe Chinese or a European language.

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