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Voir, vs voire


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Okay, I will be honest with you here: some of the native speakers struggle here to say and write down the correct grammar. But then, yes, there's two ways of "voir" in French. But in fact, they have no link between the two. And obviously, you can't really identify them in spoken French since the "e" would be probably inaudible. Sorry for you.

But you have the opportunity to understand. "Voir", well, it's like "see". Not "sea" (even if it sounds the same in English), "see", like "I see you" (this is often said in hide and seek games). So to that extent, it is simple to understand, nothing to add.

Now, "voire", a bit more complicated. It's close to a conditional "even". Example: "I will go home at 7 PM, or even later " could translate to "J'irais à la maison à 19 heures, voire plus tard".

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I'm glad you caught that. I recognized it and didn't know if anyone else saw it. I am still learning and just found out about it. I don't really use the "voire" form because you would most likely see someone. You don't use even later that often. It can be  a deal sometimes when you misspell it somehow, but most people don't write it that often. Thanks for the info though. Will transfer that to my friends and family who are learning. Keep up the good work! 

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