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Passionate in subtitling?


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I feel like putting subtitle is a language affair. Why? Well, because subtitles are subject to translation and often, subtitles are translated to make the video accessible to more countries not understanding the spoken language of the movie or of the audio file.

But also, it is about doing a what Frenchies would call "dictée". It's a dictation to understand what the person is saying and to transcript it on a "paper", then to synchronize it to the movie. Synchronization is bound to the way you pronounce words, and that is once again defined by language. So in fact, you need true knowledge about your language to do it right.
So I would like to know if some are passionate about subtitles, and how much they find this skill and hobby/work is related to languages?

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I agree. Making subtitles can be very tricky at times so being more than 'good enough' at the language is often necessary.  I'm not passionate about subtitles (I know a few people online who are though), but I'm almost a hundred percent sure that it's related to languages. Like you said, we need 'true knowledge' about the language to do it right, so yes I'm pretty sure it's related to languages. 

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