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This course will explain you exact steps on how to memorize and combine the most important words and it will teach you on how to express any idea in Spanish in 30 to 45 days. Note: After the week one you will be able to construct simple phrases.

More info about this course:

This language learning method putting 19% effort into learning 81% of a language. Course narrows down the most frequently used words converted into daily-used sentences. It is designed in cooperation withObserve language methodology where student is using physical space to memorize vocabulary by using minimum effort.

How it works?

1. We are reading carefully designed sentences in Spanish so you can learn how to pronounce words. Reading part is done by María Rodriguez, native Spanish.

2. After each exercise you will download provided sentences and post them around the house. (e.g. In the shower you can post these sentences translated in Spanish: "I am taking a shower.", "Is there shower gel in the toilet.", "Can you pass me the towel please?"). Each time when you are taking a shower you will read what is written on the wall.

After 5th shower you will memorize all sentences, then you will have chance to change wordtowel with the word soap or dress and like this you will learn to make own combinations of the phrases.

3. When you post all the words and sentences, you will just have to walk around the house and read the post-its = Like this you will memorize all the words and understand how to create own sentences.

You do not want to glue post-its all over your house? No problem, this course has solution.

4. In less than 30 days you will learn up to 3000 the most frequently used words which allow you to express any idea in Spanish.



Original price: $199

Discounted Price: $5( Click here to take the course for $5 )

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Is there an online resource we can check? I am curious to know the scope of the lessons with specific details on what a student should learn. That way we will be able to tell if this is the right product to buy or if we are better learning on our own

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Agree, I'm also interested in learning Spanish however I don't have extra money to throw around. Like kurdapia said up top, I too am interested in learning more about the specific details and the scope of what the lessons hold.

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