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Does anyone keep a French journal?

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I was just wondering if anyone keeps a journal in French.  It seems like a good tool to use.  In general, I think that journal writing is a good idea for your mental health, so perhaps it could double as a practice for writing in french.  I suppose you could also make a scrapbook sort of thing with french newspaper bits or clips from french cartoons or any little sayings in french that you could refer to at a later time.

Please write if you do write in a French journal.  If you do, how often do you write in it?  Do you find the practice useful and would you recommend it to others?  Thanks!

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Hi meshellmybell,

I used to have a diary and as a way to practise I wrote in English, French and German on different days. That was very long ago, when I was in high school, and when I occasionally stumble across those entries, I'm amazed just how many mistakes a person can make in just a couple of sentences :) But I must admit - it was a good practice. I was forced to look up new words in the dictionary and learnt some new things along the way.

I no longer keep a real "journal", I mean, the one where you write every day or regularly. I only write from time to time and only in my native language. But this also has its purpose - I live abroad and don't speak my own language that often anymore so it helps me not to forget it.

Also, I think a journal is ALWAYS a good idea, regardless of what language you are using. I cannot see any disadvantages, only benefits.


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