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What do you know about the contemporary literature?


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When we talk about French literature, the most widely known comes from the "Siècle des Lumières", like Voltaire. But there's many books in French, and not only those that came from that period of time. And this is where I want to go: did you ever tried to get into the French contemporary literature?

After all, maybe there's good books to read today and you know nice French writers. Or maybe you don't and you have an area to discover. If you didn't tried to get into it, then, why didn't you? What prevented you to have interest on it? After all, reading a book you like may help your learning.

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I'm not sure if it's considered "literature" but I do like some of the modern French writers: Beigbeder, Gavalda, Werber, Lévy and Schmitt.

I think it's part of literature since they write books. If we start to discriminate books depending of what's written inside, I think the debate would be endless and even not fair. After all, it's not a qualitative adjective, literature.

By the way, would have been easier to find these authors with their First Names, but then.

At least I'm happy you know and read few French books that are not old, because sometimes I feel like only old ones exists to learners' eyes. How did you taken the step of reading these books and how did you found these authors? 

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