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Awhile back, I found a book of Spanish idioms.  Unfortunately, I lost it during a move.  One thing I remember is how some idioms didn't translate very well into English.  I think the phrase for "better half" was something with naranja in it and the literal translation was "my half orange" or something like that.  What idioms are in your native language that don't translate well to English?  Also, can someone help me figure out that "better half" phrase?

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I belive the idiom you're looking for is "media naranja". However, I think it's still not that untranslatable. Better half, other half, orange half... at least, they all have "half" in common :)

But it's true that idioms are tricky. It's great when you can match an idiom for an idiom. But I find it really annoying when there is simply no "equivalent" idiom in the language you are translating to, and you instead of writing, say, "I was out of my depth" you have to explain it by longish phrases like "I was feeling insecure and uncomfortable because the situation was new to me". :(

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