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I am confused by this word.  In the Spanish dictionaries, it is always defined as dark hair or skin, so I thought that it was either a brunette or a Latina.  Someone told me that it is used to describe women with dark skin and hair.  If this is true, then what is the Spanish word for a Caucasian woman with dark hair, be it black or brown?

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I am not a Spanish language expert but i understand a bit of it. Regardless of that you realise there are synonyms and of course some words can be used in several ways. In English, Serbian, Spanish ... Any language known. I really do not know the answer on this question and I believe that someone will provide one for you and that it could be related to my post here. This especially stands for Spanish, Italian and probably French because they have a history of seducing and courting so they have more than two words to explain the thing they love :)  Like American/English with words like fight, quarrel, dispute, feud, brawl, spat, hassle...

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