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Present simple : a → ä | e → ie | e → i


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Hello ! I'm French and fluent in English. Yet, 3 days ago, I decided to start learning German. I'm French so I can't really use the right words but I hope you'll understand the issue I'm currently facing.

I've understood that Ich, du, er/sie/es, wir, ihr, Sie/sie are the pronouns and that mich/mir dich/dir... are me/you/her/him... ! It's quite easy. After that, you just have to know which verbs are to be used with mich or mir, dich or dir and so on. I'll study them, it must be long but not hard to understand. It's one or the other. I've learnt the alphabet already and know 'sind' and 'haben' because I think it's important.

I've just begun learning the Present Simple in German, so sind and haben must be studied, because they've got no rules, you just have to know them but I've learnt that :

All verbs (as spielen) must take : +e/st/t/en/t/en except when the verb (without the ending 'en') finishes as 't/d/fn/gn/tn/ehn', there are extra e's to add. I know the rules about the 's,ß, ss, z, tz' ending verbs too. (if you find mistakes in my explanations above, could you correct me?)

But I've just learnt that some verbs (called 'strong verbs' in French, is it so in English?) are not the same at the present simple, such as schlafen, lesen, sprechen. I see that du and er/sie/es are weird, you have to change a in ä, e in ie and e in i. I wanted to ask why. And, is there a list, listing all those verbs, I mean the verbs which change with du and er/sie/es.

If I remember all the rules I've just written, and all the verbs that change as schlafen and lesen, will I be done with the present simple or are there other rules, things I should know ? If you've got a blog, a site very ordered, where I can find lessons from A to Z, I'd be glad to have it.


I hope I've not been too long, and that you'll find me some answers.

I wish you a good day!


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Hello David,

One of the best sites for all German-learning issues is this: https://yourdailygerman.com/

It literally saved me when I had to start learning German cases two weeks ago. The guy explains things very thoroughly. You will find some explanations about present tense too: https://yourdailygerman.com/learn-german-online-course/

(look under "Essentials")

Hope it helps.


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