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    • By ALRO777
      Hola a todos!
      Me gustaría sugerirle a los miembros de este foro una nueva sección llamada "Right and Wrong", en donde cada participante que postee comparta un poco de sí mismo; gustos, anécdotas, sueños, etc. con el fin de conocernos más y a la vez poder practicar o mejorar nuestro aprendizaje en el idioma dado. En este caso, lo he abierto para "Español - Inglés", ya que soy nativo del idioma Español y estoy aprendiendo Inglés. La mecánica es la siguiente... si el idioma nativo del participante es Español, posteará en dicho idioma y a continuación lo hará en Inglés dentro del mismo post, pero SIN la ayuda de traductores; la idea es que con su propio conocimiento y la ayuda de los demás vaya comprendiendo y adquiriendo práctica. Podrá dejar igual y resaltar en negrita lo que no sabe cómo escribir. El compañero del foro que responda para CORREGIR lo hará poniendo ejemplos, para que todos podamos entender y aprender. Por supuesto que si lo que escribió en el idioma que cree saber dominar no lo hizo bien, también lo podrá corregir el que domine ese idioma.
      Como yo lo sugerí, yo empezaré.
      PS.- El nombre de la nueva sección queda abierto a nuevas sugerencias.
      Hi everyone!
      I'd like to propose to all members of this forum a new section called "Right and Wrong", where every participant who post in here, do that to share a bit about himself; gustos, anécdotas, sueños, etc. to pursue the goal of knowing each other a little bit more and also practice or improve the learning of the wanted language. In this case, I started for "Spanish - English", since I'm a Spanish language native and I'm learning English. La mecánica es la siguiente... If the native language of the participant is Spanish, he will post in that language and then he will do in English dentro del mismo post, but WITHOUT the help of translaters; the real purpose is that he can add comprensión and practice by his own knowledge and the guiding help of the members. Whatever he don't know how to write podrá dejar igual y resaltar en negrita. The participant who answer to CORREGIR will do that offering some examples, so all the people can understand and learn. Of course if the writed post suposedly right is not, it will be corregido as well.
      As I mentioned this post, I shall start.
      PS.- The new section name is open to new suggestions.
    • By Mikala
      Hola no sé si debo escribir en español o ingles pero espero poder encontrar alguien en linea que sabe espanol. Es duro conocer personas que hablar la idioma en mi locacion. Si hay es alguien que quiere ayudar, por favor me informa.
      Lo siento si mi español es terriblé.
    • By trangvuvietnam
      Hi everyone! I just want to share this Vietnamese speaking channel. I do hope this channel will be useful for people who are interested in Vietnamese. Thank you for reading and have a good day!
    • By Atlow-Desu
      Learning languages can be hard. It's easy to fool yourself into thinking you know the words or phrases since you can pick them from a drop down list or recognize them when reading. It's easy to imagine that you've got the hang of the grammar despite sounding completely illiterate. It can be dull, boring and repetitive. That's where we come in. 
      The Feynman technique is a proven way of improving your memory and understanding of advanced topics. The Feynman technique is at the basis of every study mechanic ingrained into Estudia Espanol~~. Instead of just picking the correct answer from a list, you'll have to fill in the blank and type out full words/expressions. But don't worry! It will be paced properly and you will have time to learn each phrase/expression before being expected to suddenly memorize it. 
      On top of being a more effective system, we strive towards creating a more enjoyable experience as well. The core site will have a few major mechanics that will make it easier and more fun, but aside from the standardized learning options-- we'll include a Spanish studying text-rpg! The game will start out in English and you will be learning Spanish on your journey. Over time, the game will slowly switch to Spanish. In order to navigate dungeons and find your way through quests, you'll need to know specific Spanish vocabulary. The quest will take place in a fantasy version of Mexico with many creatures of Mexican lore making an appearance. You will face off against El Chupacabra, El Sombreron, El Cuco, Acalica, La Llorona, and even Luz Mala. The story will be scary, thought provoking and and exciting. 
      The mechanics will be a blend of JRPG/RPG mechanics, with leveling up, magic, swords, etc, and Spanish skills. In order to cast spells in this universe you will need to have command over the Spanish language. For example, if you cast the spell 'Fireball' it may ask you a question in Spanish about fire-- if you can put in the correct answer, then your fire ball will hit the target. But if you answer wrong-- it will definitely miss. How far can your Spanish skills take you? How much can you learn? How powerful can you become? 
      Aside from the game elements the website will have a lot to teach you about Spanish. There will be lessons covering the main words/phrases/expressions and the grammar of the Spanish language. The lessons will be bite sized enough you can complete them in 10-20 minutes, however, there will be around 100 of them that will teach you the main things you'll need to know about Spanish. 
      The website will also have a standard study mode. It will be similar to using flash cards, but you'll have to type in the correct answers into your keyboard. To keep things balanced, you'll see your words in English and type them in Spanish, but you'll also sometimes see them in Spanish and have to type them in English. There will be fill in the blank sections for sentences and challenges for words-- and some times questions asked in Spanish that you'll have to answer in Spanish! 
      There are some advanced features were looking to develop, but they'll take a lot of time, dedication and servers. I want to set it up so that you can add any words you've learned outside of the website and maintain any words you've learned in the website to a master list. The A.I. will then generate a list of phrases that utilize the words you know and the grammar rules you've studied, so that you can build a more comprehensive phrase list. Rather than just having a few pre-built phrases, we want it to be modular, but accurate to Spanish, so that you can diversify your learning. We also want to integrate the game elements into the study page, and visa versa. Lastly, I really want to set up user accounts for the website/game so that you can save/load your data on any platform, get advanced features, get items for the in-game RPG, and ultimately, face off against other users online in challenges/battles. "
    • By learyjr
      Please, could you recommend me some good textbooks on learning and practising my English vocabulary for either mathematics, physics, pharmacology, or chemistry? (Something like both "Macmillan Vocabulary Practice Series: Geography" and "Oxford English For Careers".) 
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