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Nglish! [SPANISH-ENGLISH] A learning app for Spanish/English learners. Games for vocabulary expansion!


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I recently discovered this app while looking for an offline translator and something to expand my vocabulary in either language. Let me tell you, it has a VERY nicely done design and aesthetic. Not only that, but it has quick games and quizzes that are incredibly helpful if your vocabulary quantity is lacking in either language (though it is mainly targeting English learners who speak Spanish I believe). Its games are quick and challenging, and I'm pretty sure it all works offline as well.

Here's the Google Play download link:


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I love the ones that can incorporate a little fun into the learning process, so this one seems like it would be right up my alley.  Thank you for the share and I will be sure to look into this one.  It is nice to know that it is aesthetic too, because I think that is a bit underrated when it comes to apps, at least for me.  I hate it when the app is ugly and it just makes me want to get rid of it, so it sounds like that will not be an issue here.

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