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  1. Welcome aboard. It looks like you really bring a fresh and interesting perspective and history with you, and that is certainly exciting to see. I would say that you have come to good place to learn and share. I hope that you enjoy yourself here and learn a lot, and it is nice to meet you.
  2. Yeah that is strange, and would be a little frustrating to have to deal with. It is strange for a lot of reasons, though too, where I would not entirely expect English to be the language of business over there, and while it does not completely surprise me it is still something worth noting. To have to be forced to learn a language that you are not really going to need to use, even after living there for seven years, seems a little foolish.
  3. Well I think that I need to get out there and do some homework. I would like to think that I am pretty well educated and know a good amount of things about the world, but I have never even heard of Urdu before, at least not anything that jumps to mind, so I am a little disappointed in myself. It sounds very interesting and intriguing, and something that has a lot of history to it as well, which is always fascinating to me.
  4. Well that is a very good idea, and very noble of you, so thank you so much for that and just for bringing that positive attitude to the field. It is always refreshing to hear of or to see, so that is nice. Anyways, I like the idea of providing these free services as a base and then offering the option for more personal services. I think that really gets the best of both worlds in terms of overall reach, so well done there.
  5. Well I just know that Arabic has to be a particularly difficult language to learn, especially for someone like me coming from the West, so I would think that a mobile app might not really be the way to go. That said, though, like all of the other languages I can see it playing a role as a good addition, but then again if people are already using languages close to it, then maybe they are a good fir there too. Best of luck to everyone.
  6. Yep, looks Arabic to me. That is a really interesting story though, so I hope that you are able to figure out what it means. I always like seeing family heirlooms, and this is about as close to a mystery novel that you could get, so the corny and cheesy side of me is coming out. Best of luck to you and I hope you can come back and share it with us.
  7. There are just so many subtleties that come with a language that it is nearly impossible to pick them up if you are constantly worrying about the words, and not those nuances. I know that when I talking to someone I can almost see my reflection in them as I look up into my head and try to remember what the words mean, it is like an active translation going on. Much easier if you know that basic words.
  8. 15 words a day sound like a good amount. I do use this method right now so I am trying to imagine in my head me doing it and figuring out how much I would need. It is pretty impossible though, and there is only way to actually find out. It probably depends a lot on the person and your learning style too, so I am sure with time you know yourself best. Best of luck to you with your 15 and aim for more if you can.
  9. I have been meaning to try to get started learning a little Chinese for some time now, but life and work just seem to always get in the way. I actually have a lot of friends who are getting into it more and more for business, so I kind of feel left behind a little bit. Hello Chinese sounds like one that would be pretty simple, though, so I will definitely have to look into that, so thank you.
  10. So is it supposed to be a language learning thing like a computer language? If so that is pretty cool. If it is meant to just be something for people from all around to talk about, that is pretty cool too. I would like to be able to do something like this, make my own game, but I really do not know the first thing about it. It is very interesting though, and keep up the good work.
  11. Well a back up is pretty much what I have come to use it as, and I know that I am not alone there. It is just too unreliable to have it be anything more than that, and I agree with you when you say that it is best for a more "westernized" translation service. I guess that is not really too much of a surprise, and so are some of the other apps and programs that I have tried using in the past. The good news is that there are other options out there, so just keep looking.
  12. This would seem to be the easiest approach, and probably the most enjoyable. Of course it really depends on the language for the availability of people and whether or not you can find someone, but it is a pretty intermingled world out there so the good news is that it is probably easier than ever to do so. Keeping that conversation going is a great way to constantly be having to think about it, and doing that means you are doing all those subconscious things that matter a whole lot when trying to learn a new language.
  13. Yeah, being the most spoken is different than being the language that is the default universal translator. I am not sure if that is the right way to say it, but I think that you know what I mean here. It is the language that everyone turns to to "meet in the middle" and communicate with others with the most. They are different, but not completely unrelated, and with time who knows what will happen. It is very interesting, though, and I am curious to see where it goes and where we are in a couple of years, or decades.
  14. Going bananas is a good one. I always call people nuts when they are acting crazy. Another one that one of my friends always said and I never really knew if it was a thing, but I liked it, was saying that people were "out of their noodle" when they were out of their minds or acting crazy. I am not realizing all my examples are of people acting strange, and maybe that says something about me.
  15. Hello Mike. You certainly stumbled upon a good place to come, and I am glad that you did. If there is one thing to take away it is the directions that you can get to start learning all these different languages, and knowing where to start is a good thing to know. Hope you enjoy yourself, and nice to meet you.
  16. Well I would second this. I would say that one of the benefits of having the subject matter being different languages, I am willing to bet that there are a lot of different interests and abilities and knowledge bases here, so it would be great to be able to "chew the fat", as they say, a little bit with everyone. I am actually not sure if anyone still says that anymore, but hopefully people still know what it means. I like the idea, though.
  17. Well I can definitely see the advantages of this. When it comes to learning a language, I really think that just having more options available and things to explore in order to find your own best method, usually produces the best results. I can see this being very helpful in areas that people are really struggling with, and soft of a walk-through for them to get the hang of it. I like it, and I will definitely look more into it.
  18. Well I cam in ready to say English, but I am not so sure that Mandarin or even Spanish is not more popular. I just think of all the countries out there that speak Spanish, in some form, and also just how large China is and how their influence is spreading. English is still that language that people meet in the middle at, though, and I am not sure if that will change anytime soon. It is interesting to think about though, and it makes me wonder if there are any studies or numbers out there.
  19. Well to be honest I have forgotten all of the fun words that I used to know in Polish, which is what I would use, and I just have not had the desire to learn them again. They are just a fun thing to know, I suppose, but they really have no actual benefit. I remember in school it was always good for a good little "he he" laugh type of moment, but that is about it. I guess you can safely swear without getting in trouble, if you really need to feel the need to sweat that bad. Interesting stuff, and thanks for sharing.
  20. Well this would certainly be a really big hurdle to have to go through, but it makes me curious where this would even happen. The only thing that is coming to mind is some kind of war scenario where you are not sure where a potential enemy is from or something...or maybe I just watch too many movies. I am thinking though and still coming up with nothing, so I am curious to see if anyone can give me a circumstance. It would be difficult though, that is for sure. Interesting stuff, and thanks for sharing.
  21. Well I certainly see why this would be the case. If you have someone who has learned the language previously, then they know a lot of the things that work and what helps in actually taking the knowledge and applying it. I would think that this is a very valuable skill to have, and it makes me wonder if there is anything out there that shows this, in terms of a study or anything. It makes sense, but I am not really sure how it plays out in the real world. Really interesting to think about, though, so thanks for sharing.
  22. Yeah I agree there. It is pretty bad, but there are ways to have it just be good enough to work, which is really all that matters most of the time. I also was unaware that Bing even had a translator before not too long ago, but I tried it a little bit and it is really nothing to write home about. I am sure they are getting better, though, and maybe in a few years we will have these automatic translators...I guess we shall see. Thanks for sharing.
  23. I remember taking a Latin class in school and it actually was very helpful. All of the romance languages I am pretty sure are based on it, and so a lot of the cores of the words and things like that are similar, and once you get a hold of things it is pretty easy to see how it all related. That said, though, it was an incredibly hard class and I know it turned a lot of students off to it, so I am not sure how viable it is. Interesting to think about though, and thanks for sharing.
  24. Welcome aboard my friend. It seems like you are already way ahead of me with speaking two languages pretty well, and I am still at one here. I like to hear that you are aiming high too, and Russian and German are certainly not the easiest of languages to learn. I took a little German in school, and that did not last long. Anyways, glad to see you here and enjoy. Nice to meet you.
  25. Well this is good news and I will definitely go right over there and give you a LIKE. I am not the biggest Facebook user out there anymore, but I still dabble and I do think that it is still a good way to network and get your name out there. Especially with the online route that all the language learning is taking, and for good reason, it just makes sense to get on these sites and go nuts. Should be fun, and thanks for sharing.
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