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  1. First off, mind to explain what your company is all about? It's hard to give a correction to the name if it turns out that your business provides something entirely different (example: renovations to buildings? inside of ones' house? or electronics?). From what I learnt living in an east Asian country is that as long as English is not the language your country can speak, you can have the most absurd sounding company name you can think of, and people will troll about it on social media, which in turn doubles as free advertising and therefore a raise in revenue. One example is
  2. I have more than 13 years of web development experience, though I have not much free time. You might find some Indian or Vietnamese, these people have the reputation of being very cheap, really good at coding, and very fast working at the same time.
  3. Loading the homepage takes a very long time, let's begin with that. I'd also want you to explain me this rather questionable console logs. Plus the over-over-over-use of both external and embedded Javascript (each of them is far too much for a static webpage). It also seems like your website is fingerprinting browsers and/or devices, which is super scary stuff when it comes to privacy. My browser is in Japanese, but フィンガープリント試行 basically means "attempts at fingerprinting". It's pretty clear that you've never made a website before and this is your first try, e
  4. Reading a language you're no longer used to will be slow. The only way to speed up your reading ability is by reading as much as you can. Maybe you should put your PC or phone interface to Russian to speed it up. Even if you don't need to read the buttons, you eventually will. And if you do, it adds up to your exposure to the language. As for grammar, no need to worry about it. The more you're exposed to Russian whether in reading or listening, the sooner your brain will start to understand the grammar by itself.
  5. To learn and improve I have some very basic tactics that I've explained quite a lot over the past few months. To re-learn is a little bit different. Technically you don't re-learn a language, you remember it. One example is when I had German in middle school, I forgot right about everything about it after I left. But since one of my native languages is very closely related to German and I grew up in the Netherlands, it took me 1 month of practising German over Skype for 3 times a week to remember it all (and forget again due to not using it at all after that). Do you know ho
  6. Might sound a bit weird to new language learners, but if you want to push yourself beyond A2, quit Duolingo! Duolingo (or any other language learning apps) should be seen as a way to obtain some words to prepare yourself for the real learning. Books are the exact same thing, except a bit more boring. Say, language apps or books, or actually every other type of in between resource is a leaf of a tree, listening and reading practise is the tree itself. The park is fluency of the language, and the forest is mastery of the language □■□■□■□■□■□ As for time, devoting time straig
  7. Maybe the use of pictures might be easier to understand instead. Because if you have a class of people speaking different native languages, it might cause some people to not understand. A story that makes perfect sense to an English speaking American might make no sense at all to a Mandarin speaking Chinese for example. And I myself can't really think of stories for all conjugations. But one I recommend you to teach the most of the differences between for example 食べれる and 食べられる, it's pretty easy to say "I was eaten by a raw fish" while you meant to say "I can eat raw fish".
  8. That's indeed the best way to describe it, yes. There is indeed a verb "to supervise", but that doesn't mean that any word that replaces "supervision" automatically makes it a verb. Consider for example "to eat dinner" and "to eat fruit". "Dinner" can become a verb "to dine", but "fruit" can never become a verb, and maybe you have fruit for dinner.
  9. Ah, legal language! Still, "exercise" is the verb, not "overview". In the case, "exercise" is used to write an as detailed report as possible...I assume. Legal language is always vague on purpose so that the slave regular citizen doesn't notice any of the double standards their masters the politicians always tend to employ.
  10. "Overview" is never a verb. The verb in that sentence is "exercises". You can simply add "he" or "she" before "exercises" to see it. Although unless the sentence was used at a gym or something, it does seem pretty weird to me. Overview is usually meant to mean something like a summary, or a bunch of stuff which you can see everything in 1 sight (example: table of contents found at the beginning of most books, or at the top of long Wikipedia articles).
  11. English in a typical doctors' handwriting? It's so common, the whole world has been memeing about it for decades.
  12. Simply put, you watch TV in order to see a program. https://learningenglish.voanews.com/a/do-you-know-the-differences-between-look-watch-and-see/4880198.html If you are talking about something that your eyes simply observe, you can use “see.” If you are directing your eyes at something, use “look.” And if you are paying attention to something, like a game or television program, for a period of time use “watch.”
  13. It looks like an Italki clone. So a website that allows real native speakers and/or certified teachers provide 1 on 1 lessons via Skype. If you have no access to a native speaker or a 1 on 1 teacher in your local area, or if you have but they're too shy (common among east Asians), then this kind of online language learning is a very good way to learn. However, it costs money, you don't have the money to keep it up 24/7, and they don't have the time to keep it up 24/7 either. It's still important to keep practising outside of the time you spend with the teachers/natives, otherwise th
  14. Maybe you want to make people go to the home page instead: https://how-do-i-find-a-chinese-character.com/ This is really cool. Maybe a bit old fashioned design-wise, but when it comes to functionality it's really cool.
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