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  1. You mean something like "there's", "I'll", etc.? You can separate them to make it easier, like "there's" = "there is", "I'll" = "I will", etc.
  2. Immigrante Chapter 4: The importance of hand gestures and body language To live in a different country and to LL, you don't need to learn the hand gestures and/or body language of the HC. However, it does make life much easier, especially in a country where words are not supposed to reflect true intention. And if you master it, society around you will be more likely to consider you part of the society rather than an outsider. Of course I can't cover all hand gestures and body language of all countries, so I'll provide examples of Japanese since I'm pretty familiar with those. A
  3. 2 and a half years late with my reply, but thanks! I'll definitely look into that, although I'm not really trying to learn Chinese, but I do have a growing interest in Chinese and Korean (especially Taiwanese culture and the whole history of pre-communist China) as of late.
  4. Actually, it might as well be English in a made up alphabet. I got this idea after seeing how this looks suspiciously similar to "200 years": Or here as "being", which is repeated quite a few times throughout the notes: Pretty clever, almost like if you'd be looking at an ancient piece of text.
  5. It seems to correspond closely to either Iberian, or N'Ko from as far as I've been able to find.
  6. Immigrante Chapter 3: Looking for a place to live. You should NOT live in a big city! Unless if you move to another country in order to move in with your spouse, the most obvious choice is usually a big city. That's what everyone knows, that's what all the tourists see, that's where all the jobs and universities are, and that's where you can party without knowing a single word. I probably already spoiled it here, so I might as well just say it right now: unless you move to an English speaking country, do NOT move to a big city!! It doesn't mean that you will have to live in the m
  7. Immigrante Chapter 2.5: Common questions Whenever people find out that I'm a European living in Japan, I get a host of questions whether it's from locals, or IE, or former IE who returned to their HC, or people in my HC, etc. Instead of moving on to chapter 3 that I wanted to do today, I'll quickly get through this bonus chapter. Feel free to skip it if you're not interested. ---------- Do you ever feel like you want to move back to your HC? It's hard to predict the future. However, I want to stay where I am for the remainder of my life, but things can possibly change.
  8. I just realised that the "Offtopic" section can only be viewed by people with more than 500 posts, which is rare to members and impossible to guests. Therefore, I just moved it to "Language Learning" instead. And for that reason, I merged both topics into 1 to keep things clean.
  9. Immigrante Chapter 2: Make new friends with the locals, but be careful! Friends are always good to have, but be careful with who it will be. If somebody wants to befriend you for LL reasons, you better decline the offer. The reason is not because you shouldn't have a language partner (on the contrary, you should if you're still learning!), but if you already speak both languages fluently and the other person only knows one of those, it's basically like signing a deal that will benefit only 1 side. Who are you to the person who befriends you solely for LL? A teacher. What do you
  10. Immigrante Chapter 1: Should I meet up with other immigrants/expats? I've been living in a different country for quite a while now, not to mention that my parents were both born in a different country from where I came from, so technically I've always been considered a foreigner since birth until very recently (the Dutch consider you foreigner if at least 1 parent was born elsewhere, the Poles consider you foreigner if you're born elsewhere, and the Japanese consider you foreigner if you behave and speak differently from locals). So I figured that maybe I should make a little series
  11. Dynamic Link Not Found Short URL (https://forms.gle/kLMZkg3CmCyhARGM) not found If you are the developer of this app, ensure that your Dynamic Links domain is correctly configured and that the path component of this URL is valid.
  12. I thought of "armour" as the suit itself already. When I think of water, I'm thinking of the liquid, not the glass. When I think of luggage, I think of the whole thing rather than it being in pieces. Maybe that's where it went wrong?
  13. I didn't even notice the countable vs uncountable part! Much like how "less" and "fewer" works right? I actually thought that "armour" would be countable? Of course you can only wear 1 at a time, but you can have a closet with a couple of them I suppose.
  14. I always have suspicions towards short URLs, so I'll show what's underneath it to take away worries.
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