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  1. To all non Chinese people, why do you learn Chinese? It it because of work? Or is it because of pure interest? I was born a Chinese speaker and both of my parents are Chinese but for some reason, I am unable to READ or WRITE Chinese. So, why do you learn this awesome language?
  2. Awesome content! This is really handy and helpful for people who have never learned Chinese before and I am sure it is a great help for them! Thanks!
  3. Are you this is the correct structure or words? It sounds really weird to me :S Try looking at it again because you might have typed / copied it wrong!
  4. No I have not heard of it but do you happen to have more information on it? I might purchase one so that my cousins can learn Chinese without me having to always be there!
  5. The tones really matter and it is really hard to differentiate it from other words without the tones. Try purchasing a special keyboard so then typing in Chinese can be easier for you. Good luck!
  6. Awesome link! I am sure this would benefit all the beginners who are willing to learn chinese from scratch! Great find! Hopefully there are more content like this released into the public!
  7. Yes I think you will. As long as you know the basic words then you are surely ready because from then on, you will be able to connect the words very easily.
  8. Who thinks that Chinese will be the most spoken language in the years to come? LOTS of foreigners have already started to learn it while chinese people don't even bother learning english. Luckily, I know quite a bit of chinese so I think I would be fine but what are your thoughts on this theory?
  9. Pinyin is one of the most important aspects of Chinese. Without it, Chinese would not be chinese. After that, you can move on to learn the words and then finally learn how to pronounce it. Grammar is not important for beginners as you can learn that later on. Pinyin is like trying to learn the alphabets!
  10. As a Chinese native speaker, I STILL find it hard to learn new words, considering the fact that I only know how to speak/listen and not read/write. What I recommend you to do is try to use the language AS MUCH as possible. Talk to yourself, friends, family, people online, ANYONE. As long as they speak chinese, it is great! From then on, you'll adapt to the language and then learning it will be much more easier!
  11. Honestly, Chinese is such an ancient language, I don't even know when it started! But for some reason, something in my mind tells me the world's oldest language is yet to be found but we can guess! Keep it up!
  12. Wow interesting! I have to force myself to learn all of these! Not only is this useful but it is really cool! Keep up the good work guys! Lets find out all of them!
  13. It is effective but it is only good if you UNDERSTAND what they are talking about. If you don't, there is piratically no point in watching a movie in a foreign language. Try watching shows before you watch a movie because tv shows are usually shorter.
  14. Music is an AWESOME way of learning a language. Am not sure about this but I have heard that scientists have said that music is one of the best way to learn a language. As long as you understand the lyrics, just sing to it and it should be perfect!
  15. I found my current girlfriend in France and if it wasn't for French, I would never EVER have met such a wonderful and amazing women. To me, she is the best person in the world!
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