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  1. Hey everyone I was wondering what was the language spoken by aztecs? I hope this question is not to silly, but I would really like to know more about the aztec language.
  2. does someone have a list with all the chinese measure words and their meanings? :beaten:
  3. hi all Can somebody tell me what the last part of the second sentence means? 上个世纪八十年代,中国出现了一种新的职业,叫作服装设计师。其实对于中国人来说,这个职业并不陌生,它与中国的采极其相似。 thank u.
  4. "天不怕,地不怕,只怕广东人说普通话.“
  5. I think Rosetta Stone is good, but I doubt that it really makes sense to spend money for learning Chinese with Rosetta Stone. There are so many great resources to learn Chinese that are FREE. so why spend money for studying it? if you use www.nciku.com and www.chinese-tools.com for example, you have so much great content that is free...you would better start off with those resources.
  6. thxxx a lot linguaholic for this document. that explains a lot. I will just need to start studying now xD
  7. thank you for sharing this with us dtommy79. I really have problems with this in English. :wacky:
  8. hey is there a similar app for adults? I like this app a lot...it is a little bit too easy though haha xD
  9. 你们好 我向大家介绍一下我家里有什么人。 我家有四口人。妈妈,爸爸,弟弟,和我。我的妈妈是德国人。她在西门四公司工作。她的工作很忙。天天工作,每天回来得很晚。实际上,我的爸爸是法国人。他这年四十五岁。
  10. hi Raivyn nice 2 meet u. wow, you are only 22 and already have soooo many study plans. really ambitious. that's cool your name is cool. is that your real name :angel:
  11. Nice to meet you Damien. Norway is a cool country. It's a pitty I don't know much about it :frozen:
  12. Welcome efpierce! Then, you are definitely at the right place here! Let us help each other and get helped as well ^^
  13. Hi Ersatz I was wondering about your nickname too... I did not know that it is german but now, thanks to linguaholic I know :grin:. What does it mean? I am curious about this as well haha :emo:
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