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  1. No practical reason to continue learning it, so I believe it's probably just for cultural purposes.
  2. The thing is that most asian languages rely heavily on acccent and pronounciation, this is why they are so difficult and vast.
  3. It seems a little hard to do this and not have some sort of understanding of what is going on at least. Mostly if your native language is not even asian.
  4. I truly believe that english is the perfect candidate to be a universal language, but I dont see it happening with many asian and european countries.
  5. I think english can be learned by just listening to it a lot, but it also depends on the region you come from. It's easier for germans to learne english for example, but for asian people it's not so easy.
  6. It seems like there is no easy way to determine this after all.
  7. I think it depends on the langiage too. YOu ended up in a place that has a difficult language to learn.
  8. Damien


    I think slang helps people come up with their original way os speaking in their regions and gives more individuality to them. I believe it's a great thing to have.
  9. Good to see I'm not the only one who thinks in foreigns languages, but my "foreign" language has become second nature for me.
  10. Thing is that for example saying "con permiso" and saying "disculpeme" while you are navigating through a crowd of people in order to get out of the crowd, it's the exact same thing. It also depends on the region or country.
  11. I agree about living in the country of the language. I learned this way and it helped me boost the pronounciationg and the slang also.
  12. I just noticed that I wrote the title incorrectly lol. Anyone here learned TO speak more than 2 languages very well? Just correcting this so that no one ends up using it to learn.
  13. are there many more of these loanwords or that pretty much covers it?
  14. Actually I have heard both of those used for both purposes in spanish. It's hard to tell which is officially which.
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