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  1. Coucou tout le monde! je suis super heureuse d'etre parmi vous! Je suis Arizona de L'ile Maurice. Connaissez-vous L'ile Maurice?
  2. Beautiful language as is it, Sanskrit is complex to learn (in my opinion). Therefore, I am searching for someone who can teach me -I have a basic knowledge-studied it before but that was long time ago. If not, any good sites which I can use? thanks!!
  3. Hey there- well, that's a really nice post out there. Well, in my opinion I would still consider them dialects rather than a new language because the origin is still Hindi. I do not know about other languages like haryani and all but I do understand bhojpuri because it is really close to Hindi therefore making it a dialect.
  4. I studied simplified Chinese over the years. And I was wondering how hard is traditional Chinese? What's the difference between simplified and traditional Chinese?
  5. I think that the most difficult skills in Chinese is the use of measure words. Every noun has specific measure word that is used to refer to it. The most commonly used measure word in Chinese is ge 个 which can refer to almost anything. However, the use of proper measure word is more proper. Here is a list of some measure words and the nouns for which they are used: Ben 本 used for books/magazines/dictionary Zhang 张 used for maps/ table/ photo/ painting Ba 把 used for chair/keys/knife zhi 支 used for writing tools Tai 台 used for machines liang 辆 used for vehicles Feng 封 used for letters Jian 间 us
  6. I remember one of our Chinese teachers use to teach us tricks for remembering chinese characters. I'd like share one among all the tricks she showed us: look at the character 大 which means big in chinese. So, imagine a man standing spreading his arms and legs on both sides trying to be big. Another example is the character 男 denoting male so imagine a man extending his hand for to shake hands!
  7. What I meant to say was- "is slang preventing us from using "proper" english/french or any language?" I remember an author saying that "slang is a metaphor and metaphor is poetry". However some of my English teachers claim that by using slang we are "corrupting" English/french or whatever language. I wanted to know your opinion.... what are views?
  8. I think it was more difficult and challenging for me as no one commonly speaks English in China- Besides hello, bye, thank you!!
  9. I remember when I used to learn Chinese, I would try to recognize the characters while walking on the streets (it was easier since I was in China). I would apply whatever I learnt in my daily life.
  10. Hi there! I have been a part time English teacher in China- I was in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. I know there are some schools who help you get a visa. I even knew some people who were allocated apartments to stay. It all depends on the school/ company you are dealing with. I hope this helps!
  11. Omg-- I remember my first days in chinese classes Thanks for sharing ! It made me laugh
  12. I imagine slang exists in any language- so far I know there are american slang/British slang/creole slang/ french even- Youngsters prefer to use slang because it sounds "cooler"- is slang good or bad according to you?
  13. I am very glad to hear that there are organisations out there to raise the awareness that some native languages are becoming endangered. I would like to take an example of my country- our native language here is creole, which is not well-known in the world. People were more encouraged to learn french instead until recently the government took the decision to integrate creole in the educational system- we are encouraged to read/write/sing in creole thus preserving our native language.
  14. I meant to say the oldest written language-- Aramaic? pretty interesting fact- which part of the world still use this language?
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