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  1. This article might be interesting for those interested in great Bollywood movies... http://www.outlookindia.com/article.aspx?220089
  2. Yeah.. That's pretty much completely right.
  3. Mixing Hindi and English is fairly common and even has a slang word Hinglish for it here. You won't find a lot of people using only pure Hindi.
  4. I am sure poetry allows for enough creative license for one to not be overly bound by even grammar.
  5. Haryanvi. It's a dialect of Hindi and even when normally used, it sounds like swearing. :grin:
  6. Why not? The lack of interest in interacting with others should in no way affect a person's ability to learn new languages.
  7. Mostly in English for some reason. Probably because I use it a lot more for my work than I do Hindi.
  8. Now that I think of it, most of my thinking is actually in English and not in Hindi. I suppose it is because apart from conversation with people I come in contact with a lot of English through my books, songs and the movies I watch. In fact, the mental notes of things I make are also in English.
  9. Kids can be jerks sometimes don't they? Happened to me when I was small too. Not because of language barriers but simply because I had come from a different city, which made the whole thing somewhat weird for me. It got over soon enough though.
  10. As a kid I occasionally tried to figure out how far a rainbow might end and then tried to convince someone to take me there just so I could figure out if it was true. Nobody ever followed up on it though.
  11. I have a feeling that the quote predates Cobain and is wrongly attributed to him, like a bunch of other things. Not sure though.
  12. It is possible but only if the games in question were specifically made for that purpose. I don't think if COD was in Russian, gamers would suddenly become better at the language.
  13. It shows a willingness to learn and patience but frankly, that's about it. I know a few people who aren't exactly what you'll call intelligent but know 3-4 languages.
  14. "Who thinks before putting a dress on?", said Alberta and plunged to the ocean depths.
  15. I went to the kitchen and started going through the drawers. There were all kinds of knives there but I was partial to the butcher's knives myself. They got the job done quickly, although it was sad how cleanly they did the job.
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