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  1. This article might be interesting for those interested in great Bollywood movies... http://www.outlookindia.com/article.aspx?220089
  2. Yeah.. That's pretty much completely right.
  3. Mixing Hindi and English is fairly common and even has a slang word Hinglish for it here. You won't find a lot of people using only pure Hindi.
  4. I am sure poetry allows for enough creative license for one to not be overly bound by even grammar.
  5. Haryanvi. It's a dialect of Hindi and even when normally used, it sounds like swearing. :grin:
  6. Why not? The lack of interest in interacting with others should in no way affect a person's ability to learn new languages.
  7. Mostly in English for some reason. Probably because I use it a lot more for my work than I do Hindi.
  8. Now that I think of it, most of my thinking is actually in English and not in Hindi. I suppose it is because apart from conversation with people I come in contact with a lot of English through my books, songs and the movies I watch. In fact, the mental notes of things I make are also in English.
  9. Kids can be jerks sometimes don't they? Happened to me when I was small too. Not because of language barriers but simply because I had come from a different city, which made the whole thing somewhat weird for me. It got over soon enough though.
  10. As a kid I occasionally tried to figure out how far a rainbow might end and then tried to convince someone to take me there just so I could figure out if it was true. Nobody ever followed up on it though.
  11. I have a feeling that the quote predates Cobain and is wrongly attributed to him, like a bunch of other things. Not sure though.
  12. It is possible but only if the games in question were specifically made for that purpose. I don't think if COD was in Russian, gamers would suddenly become better at the language.
  13. It shows a willingness to learn and patience but frankly, that's about it. I know a few people who aren't exactly what you'll call intelligent but know 3-4 languages.
  14. "Who thinks before putting a dress on?", said Alberta and plunged to the ocean depths.
  15. I went to the kitchen and started going through the drawers. There were all kinds of knives there but I was partial to the butcher's knives myself. They got the job done quickly, although it was sad how cleanly they did the job.
  16. I don't think Kindle Fire can specifically be considered a learning tool and if it can't download adobe softwares then it is limited even more.
  17. "I am sorry I haven't introduced myself. My name is Joe Johns." said the old man stepping in. The name seemed familiar and there was something weird about how quickly the look of horror disappeared from his face. But I ignored that, you come across a lot of weird people when your hobbies are as strange as mine.
  18. Nope. Not at all. Frankly, I don't even think people who know more languages are always smarter than those who don't.
  19. Knowing an extra language can help you get a job or help you get by in a foreign country. These two seem like the most popular reasons to me.
  20. Well being in a country where there are a lot of language and at least 20 languages which are spoken by close to a million people, this happens a lot. My wing in the college itself has people with 6 different native languages among 12 people, so it happens whenever there is an argument.
  21. I'll just reiterate what Dennis said. It's not so much an issue of not knowing the difference but of making typing errors when you're in a hurry. Sure a lot of people out there may not know the difference but an equally large number simply makes an honest mistake because of the similar sounding nature of these words.
  22. That's kind of stating the obvious isn't it. Google translate simply cannot be a replacement for actual learning. I personally think that it's use is limited to translating things that you may suddenly come across online. It also translates websites decently enough.
  23. Why would you voluntarily want to go dumb? Just why?
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