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  1. I do especially like the British accent. It sounds more refined and dignified to me. Once to start speaking in the British accent, people start looking at you. I have when the accent is too deep though. I also find that the Australian accent is somewhat similar to the British, so I like that one as well. There is something sweet about the Jamaican accent as well (Tess Ann Chin spoke it well on the Voice).
  2. I have written in Spanish, which is not my mother tongue. My mother tongue is creole. I love English more than Spanish however, especially the British accent. It's most likely because I can express myself more in English though.
  3. I like that phrase: If you don't use it, you lose it. I can relate. I haven't studied Spanish in more than 5 years, and I have challenges recollecting. I have subscribed to babel and I am thinking about using other software to learn and revise. Reading maketh a man they say. Reading is one of the best ways to retain any information, including language learning info.
  4. Yes indeed, when you can associate words with images, that is the best thing. Watching TV does that for you. Especially when you are watching something interesting, you're brain is able to associate what it hears with the action that's taking place on the TV. This is one of the best way to learn a language. Children who watch Spanish or French or English TV, which differs from what they watch in their native language, often quickly adapt their new language.
  5. Well, language learning should be made fun. It's best learnt when done in an interactive manner. The first step is to actually get the words into your vocabulary and then use them when talking to your Spanish or French friends over messenger or on the phone, etc. I get the material into my head by reading firstly, this is especially easy if you have a photographic memory. Additionally also, you should tape yourself (even on your phone) and listen to yourself speak over and over. Your brain is more familiar with your voice and will remember the material easier.
  6. Hey. Nice video. She's super pretty and super intelligent too it seems. Wow, a linguist as young as herself. Nice!!!
  7. Yes, anyone can learn an accent. I guess it has to do with your intellectual readiness and ease of learning. I personally find it easy to pick up accents. Accent is very important, because you don't want to seem out of place. Practice and practice and practice.
  8. Yea...that's a common experience among us language students. It's the fact that we stay away from everyday interaction in the foreign language. My advice is that you pick up back on your reading. Read interesting things that keep your mind going. You can also watch a lot of TV, especially comedies that keep you hooked. Just revise continuously, that's all.
  9. But if I hear you, to me it may sound like you have an accent. It's just the strangeness of the sounds of your words, your pronunciations, that will give me (a foreigner) the impression that you have an accent.
  10. I understand clearly what you're saying Jaxter. I get it. To our own natives and our own minds, we sound normal. But to others, we sound strange. I even think I have my own personal accent among my own people. I speak different from them. I guess it's a mind thing.
  11. You do lose seconds in not using short-hand writing when texting. Remember, there are folks who have a dozen folks texting and replying to all at once.
  12. I agree with you that conversational skills are more important. After all, when talking to natives, you need to be able to keep up. Grammar is what you need to pass exams or to not look bad when talking with foreign natives.
  13. Lol. That was a funny one. I assume Victor and ex are one and the same person. I can relate to what you mean. Bad experiences produce present annoyances.
  14. I have no pet peeves really. I just sometimes dislike the accent with which some persons pronounce certain words. But that doesn't make me hate the person; just the expression. We have different preferences, especially due to our encounters in childhood. These therefore affect our likes and dislikes.
  15. Have you tried Amazon. I use Amazon for buying any and everything that I want online. I especially use Amazon because of the fact that I live outside the US.
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