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  1. Does anyone know where you can find grammar worksheets online or practice exercises? I can speak Spanish ok, but I would be a lot better if I could brush up on the grammar that I learned in school. I'm looking mostly for practice with the verb tenses...
  2. And the abomination did say something... "That is the most hideous dress I've ever seen... Give me one good reason I shouldn't eat you for your crimes against fashion!"
  3. What are the most common stereotypes about native English speakers... Personally, I think it's that English speakers only speak English. Or maybe that's just Americans.
  4. Gracias... Entonces soy una chica pequeña y joven (short and young), pero dijo que soy pequeña porque es extraño que puedo comer tan mucho. (so much?) Solo comí corazón de pollo una vez porque la verdad es que soy vegetariana.
  5. Can someone explain the basic present and past tense for verbs? Also are there any common irregular verbs to watch out for?
  6. Does anyone know if there are any resources online to practice grammar. I need to practice conjugation for all the verbs. I know present and simple past well, but not so much of future and conditionals... Preferably it would be someplace that also has a good explanation of when you use the various forms as well. Obrigada!
  7. Hey Thanks for posting that...it's really a good idea if it's credible and actually works as a credential.
  8. (Si hablas español, puedes ayudarme con mis errores -- hay muchos. creo) Una de mis cosas favoritas es comida. Soy una chica pequeña pero creo que puedo comer más de cualquier otra persona. Hay dos cosas puedo comer siempre -- fruta y helado. Una vez comí un corazon de pollo. Y tú?
  9. Maybe this is an inappropriate subject, but I find this kind of stuff really useful to know especially while travelling in a country. So I guess my question is if any native Spanish speakers have really specific slang or swear words or whatever to their country? Something along the lines of like when my Mexican friend told me to hand him something and said something like "dame la pinche..." or Argentinians are always saying "che baludo"
  10. Obrigada. Eu vou assistir eles. Já eu assisti "O ano em que meus pais saíram de férias" ; eu adorei. Tambem obrigada por a ajuda com meu escrito. A coisa é que eu tambem estou aprendendo español -- as veces todo é confundido
  11. I started learning English when I started kindergarten in Sweden. We then moved to the states about a year later. My language skills here, obviously, increased dramatically and I can't recall any instance of feeling like I didn't understand (even though I'm told we didn't really speak at all). Ironically now I can't speak Swedish very well anymore.
  12. I thought we could do a thread where everyone adds one sentence to the story and we'll see how it goes...so add whatever you want! Here's the first sentence, which I will start in the traditional manner of fairytales: Once upon a time there was a princess named Alberta Lee. (ok, so next people can add where she lived, about her family, what she looks like, etc. whatever you want!)
  13. Hey, I'm wondering if anyone has any good resources for learning Swedish? Having never taken it in a classroom context, I'm don't know how to do certain grammar things related to words and as far as writing or anything like that, I'm just awful. So are there any textbooks or books in general to help with such items? Thanks
  14. Bueno, me gusta mucho futbol...tú eres brasileiro? porque escribiste futbol "futebol" Como se llama el documentario?
  15. We actually don't speak Swedish at home anymore:( When we started school in the U.S we didn't really know any English so we started speaking that... Then for some reason my mom didn't realize that suddenly we weren't speaking Swedish anymore. So now I'm really really bad at it, but I understand it.
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