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  1. Anime is a great way to learn the basics of Japanese. I wouldn't depend on it since it's not suppose to be a lesson but it's still a great way. That being said, I can't stand how lame dubbed anime sounds! I can't imagine the translations being accurate to what they say in the originals. It's strange!
  2. What SirTenenbaum is very true though I believe some languages can be taught by force. Imagine growing up in a foreign country where the language is completely different. When I knew very little English, I had to adapt fast because I was in grade 3 when I moved to Canada and I didn't even know what the teacher was saying during my first year of school. From there I just picked up on the language and even began to forget my original language, Arabic. Now my English is stronger than my Arabic which isn't really a good thing lol.
  3. I haven't even started learning Chinese though I've looked at a few words that are common like greetings and such. I'm wondering where do most people start when learning Chinese as I do not want to waste time and get nothing out of it. Where do you start when you learn Chinese?
  4. Awesome website! Thank you for throwing that in there, I will be sure to check out later today when I'm at my PC. I'll subscribe and use the trial searches but I am sure there are other alternatives that are similar but free. Thank you!
  5. I know we don't know all the languages out there but there are always people who use different languages that we do not understand. Sometimes it's easy to tell what they are talking about and who. After all, communication is mostly body language and tone. What do you do when you know someone else is talking about you in their language? Maybe this happens to you at school or in a group of people.
  6. I have to agree with this. There are no 'useless' languages as they all have their benefits. Communication is key in this world so the more languages that you know, the better it would be for you. You should start with the popular languages like Spanish, Chinese, French, etc. That way, you'll be sure to use them in the future.
  7. I like to think of myself as a fast reader but to be honest, I go back to what I 'read' and I would read it again. Sometimes I think I'm reading fast, when instead I'm just scanning the pages without understanding or putting together the story. It's strange but I do need to read slower!
  8. Practice, practice, practice. I use them in every way so I have it built into my head. If I don't practice them and in multiple ways, I will easily forget them. I think this is a great way to really learn things as if they are not practiced then they may be easily forgotten..
  9. Interesting question. My 2nd language is also English but oddly enough, it's my most knowledgeable language currently. My first language is Arabic and I have yet to hear how to say it in our language. I know we would probably just say happy holidays as with most of our occasions.
  10. I don't care about the history either but when something cool about it is brought up, it's definitely interesting. For example a language may have went through different changes throughout time and to hear it's style of how it was a few hundred years ago it definitely interesting.
  11. Interesting list and for sure it's no surprise English is at the very top. It's the number one language where everyone can use and understand. It's not too hard to learn either.
  12. Awesome! I will be checking out the pages and sharing it with the friends. I can't believe it's finally out. It's good to reach all of the social media!
  13. If you hang around people that speak Spanish and you are with them all day, every day, you are bound to learn A LOT of Spanish. This being said, any language you hang around long enough you'll soon learn. However for writing and reading it's a 50/50 chance you'll learn it just from hearing the conversations.
  14. I haven't tried Anki but I've heard it's very useful by some friends. I want to learn Chinese and I will probably try this out. Thanks for suggesting it.
  15. LOL is good for it's short uses. I mean it depends on the situation. I much prefer lol over anything else. But then again it's always good to give some sign on how funny it was lol
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