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  1. I plan on using my knowledge in Spanish to help customers in my pharmacy. I will probably go to my favorite Mexican restaurant, and surprise them by ordering in Spanish. There are just too many uses for this language, when you live somewhere that has a lot of Spanish speaking people.
  2. I have a question, is Mandarin and Chinese the same language? A while back, I thought it would be nice to speak Chinese. When I go out to my favorite Chinese restaurant, I love hearing the lady talk to the cook. I picked up My Chinese Coach, a learning game for my 3DS. I played it for a while, but got stuck on the writing part. However, I am confused, because I am not sure if Chinese and Mandarin are the same. I ask because there is this cartoon show called Ni Hao Kai Lan. On the show she used a lot of words I picked up from the game, but she said she speaks Mandarin.
  3. Yea, I was thinking a lot of the quotes I know are not suitable to post on here. The South seems to be full of funny and colorful people. I really am not sure if there are any other people out there like us!
  4. I live in America and we have a good bit of Hispanics here. I always see the older ones fumbling with English or have their kids translate. I figure with me working in a pharmacy it might come in handy to just speak to someone directly in their language. Any language is confusing and I just want to make things easier for everyone. It never hurts to be bilingual on an application, too.
  5. I am from the South, so I know a few. Here is one I have heard since I was little. "Drunker than Cooter Brown." I always wondered who this Cooter Brown was. He must have had a heck of a time, for this saying to get passed around! I can not wait to see what else gets shared! I have always had an interest in funny sayings.
  6. I thought I would help all of the people who are trying to learn English. There are quite a few words that can get confusing, "lose" and "loose" being some of them. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Lose: You have misplaced or lost something. Lose is a verb. Ex. I often lose my keys. Loose: An item is not secure. Wiggly and not tight. Loose can be a verb and an adjective. Ex. I lost a lot of weight, and now my pants are loose.
  7. To all those who have downloaded the speed course, how is it going so far. I want to download it, but I would love some feedback on how it is going first. Does it just give you a general grasp of the language or are you really picking Spanish up?
  8. When I go to visit my mom, her town often has a variety of newspapers and such in Spanish. I was thinking about grabbing some, to get a feel for reading Spanish. Maybe even cut out sections to practice translating. Has anyone tried this? I just think I am a visual person and I like to mix up my learning techniques. Do you think there would be a lot of errors grammar wise? I would hate to learn one way and find out I had something terribly wrong!
  9. I have read that if you listen to something while you fall asleep, your brain retains the info. That is why I thought buying the recorder might be a good idea. Recording television shows might help me, too. I just feel like I pick up more, with various teaching tools. Just studying gets boring, sometimes.
  10. Has anyone had any luck with picking up Spanish by listening to voice recordings? I saw a recorder on sale this week and thought it might come in handy. When I was in school I memorized history lessons like this, but I am not sure about language. I figure if I can find some stuff online and record it, I can listen at bedtime and soak in some information.
  11. I am the worst, when it comes to pronunciation! I have always had a problem with rolling "r's". For some reason, my mouth likes to flub it up. When I was little, I even had to take a speech class because my mouth did not seem to want to work with me! Thanks for the hints, maybe with practice I can get pronunciation down pat.
  12. Quizlet is this online study site I found. You use it to study anything, not just language. You sign up for the site and create a set of terms and the site translates it into games and study guides for you. So say you do not want to create a set, you can just search and see if someone has something you would like to study. There is just so much there, I am not sure what to start studying. So, I thought if someone here had a nice set they could direct me to, it would help me out.
  13. I figure that a lot of what language you pick up, would be slang and such. You might pick up a lot of the language, but whether or not it is correct grammar might not be known. I am not sure if I could be an English teacher. I find myself Googling correct grammar all the time!
  14. I had a couple of friends who moved to Korea to be English teachers. They taught the English language to kids/teens and others, thus picking up the native language themselves. So, has anyone here moved to a Spanish speaking country to pick up the language better or even considered it? I was thinking it would be a great idea, especially if you went there to teach English or whatever your native tongue is. I figure it is like trading one language for another.
  15. I am still new to Spanish, so I like to use "¿Que Pasa?" and "Hola". I enjoyed seeing some of these other ways to say hello. So, "¿Que onda?" means "what's up indeed"? Forgive me if i misunderstood. I'm thinking about adding it to my mix, I think it sounds kind of funny and I like it.
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