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  1. My grandmother used to say that the only way one can mess up with whatever is mastering such a thing first. This can be applied to languages too. You can mess up with your native language or a second language to have fun or go along with people, but is one's duty learn the correct grammar to make use of languages appropriately when needed, and this is more commonly needed for people aiming to be "someone in life."
  2. I'm sure there might be many euphemisms that I use to listen but, aside of pass away, I can't remember any just now. However I think euphemisms make of our chatting a more enjoyable activity, an essential part of a colloquial setting.
  3. When I started surfing the web, somehow I felt that English was the sort of "official language" of the web and, throughout the time I have sadly seen how English is taking over all languages, either distorting other languages or substituting those that are rarely used. Like the article said, I doubt many people talk in Cherokee, but still it's sad to see languages disappear thanks to the Internet.
  4. Since some weeks ago I have in mind to start writing a project made of "life clips" Sometimes a memory comes to my mind, it could be something happening a week ago, or a dozen years, so I'm trying to write down all those flashback memories and make a sort of online scrapbook or something that may include my concerns about learning a second language, languages I would like to learn, or my worrisome about my own language being distorted, but also other facts that are part of my whole life.
  5. When I was younger I used to think that learning a fictional language was kinda cool, and even I remember that TV used to promote the "F" language through TV show and even in commercials. Later I found that Google used to have versions in fictional languages, and still thought it was cool, but today I don't see the funny part of it and, on the contrary, I believe all those languages, texting and more are distorting terribly our former languages, which is truly sad.
  6. I began lo lose random words at age 9-10 but formally my learning of a second language began at age 12 when my secondary school education began, and I have not stopped learning it to date. In my fact nowadays I make us of my second language more than I use my mother tongue.
  7. I believe that besides the learning of a given language, they need to be certified, not just to make sure they are proficient in such language but also in teaching. I have seen many ads in the classifieds calling to people who can speak a second language to work as language teachers, and therefore anyone with this knowledge can apply. I guess the applicants undergo a quick training course and they are done. No other scholarship is required when it should be.
  8. I witnessed one of this case in which the interpreter ruins it all rather than help. This happened on a TV show in which the host apologized for her little knowledge in the guest's language and therefore an interpreter was by their side but mostly to decorate the scene because at the very end the host had to figure out how to interview the guest on her own due to the multiple mistakes of the interpreter.
  9. I hope to find the time to learn German. I really like this language and I'm subscribed to "About German" lessons from About.com, but I have not found the time to read at least those lessons. I guess this is because I'm very bad and organizing my day and set schedules.
  10. Not just Chinese and Japanese languages are hard to write, but also Arabic, Greek, Russian, and all other those languages that requires the use of a Cyrillic keyboard. There is software to use this type of keyboard or perhaps can be set by changing the system operating language but, who can write on Cyrillic languages here? Probably very few of us.
  11. This Spanish song by Manuel Mijares was very meaningful to me when I fell in love with a man that my parents disapproved due to his "low-profile" occupation:
  12. This site has a large list of tips to improve your English writing skills, just check it out: http://www.skidmore.edu/~rscarce/WritingTips.htm
  13. Agree that capitalization is necessary as it is line breaks for a better reading. To me lack of capitalization does not only look childish but like if the person writing that way would not have the most essential knowledge of grammar, particularly when they write "I" in lowercase.
  14. That's funny but not a real language indeed, just an invention as you or I could invent a linguaholic proprietary language. This recalls me the Christian church that my sister attends. The bishop in there told their devotees that "suddenly" the Holy Ghost could posses him to speak out wisdom words. Sometimes such thing happens and the bishop says incoherent words supposed to be the Holy language and he says anyone touched by the Holy Ghost can talk the way he talks. I would say anyone can talk incoherent things and say this is a language without needing to be touched by anyone
  15. On the contrary, I have always thought that all languages sound different one from another, but I was curious to see many words in different languages sounds similar and even mean the same.
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