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  1. Actually, you can never be really sure how far technology can go. It's progressing really fast lately, so in the future, there's always the possibility of technology making languages "universal". Maybe one day all we need is to speak something in our preferred language, and the other person will hear it in their preferred language. I think Google Translate is already starting it, where two speakers can speak in two different languages, the app will do all the translation. Tech is supposed to make our lives easier, so I'm actually fine with relying on tech. I'm currently living in a countr
  2. Well, I just realised there's a Facebook page of Linguaholic. Pretty unfortunate though that it seems to be inactive? Last post was in March 2016. I'll still give it a like, but it would be really cool if the page is active again. But for now, I'm going to hang around the forums instead.
  3. To be honest, I'm not that interested in learning French. But I'm just curious, for non-native French speakers, how difficult was it for you to learn it? I have a hard time even trying to make out the way to speak. It sounds like sort of gibberish or mumblings (No offense intended). Other languages like German are still possible for me to listen to. I can at least make out the sounds. French is nearly impossible for me to even listen to, let alone understand.
  4. I give up frequently as well. Spent a lot of time in the past trying to learn Chinese and Japanese, but I got frustrated really easily and eventually gave up on both. But now I'm going to have to use a lot of Chinese, so I'm a bit more motivated to restart learning Chinese. And as for Japanese, I'll take it slowly, maybe in a few years I'll start learning it again.
  5. Warum finde ich deutsche Musik sehr langweilig? Einige gerne ich horen, z.B. 99 Luftballons. Aber wenn ich andere Musik in der Bibliothek horen, kann ich mich nicht erfreuen. Meine deutsche Lehrerin (aus Deutschland) findet auch amerikanische Filmen und Musik viel besser als deutsche.
  6. No language can beat the complexity (or length) of German words. Rindfleischetikettierungsueberwachungsaufgabenuebertragungsgesetz 64 letters long. It was recently made (3 years ago) for a law change, namely "law delegating beef label monitoring" (that's the definition). Germans just love to combine words together into forming one long snake of a word.
  7. Wow that's really detailed. I'll check them all out. Thanks a lot for your advice. Hmm I thought learning Chinese would help, since I saw several Chinese characters mixed in Japanese characters. I know the pronunciation is different, not sure about the meaning though. And that's pretty cool that you made an app. I'll definitely give it a try!
  8. Thanks Pinutile, I appreciate it. Yup I'm using a textbook for learning now in my course. It's a bit slow though, so we're not going into using words like 而且 or 并且 yet. I was just curious since 和 apparently only works for in between nouns, and I can't seem to find a good alternative on the internet for in between sentences besides 也 .
  9. Huh, this guy posted the same exact thing in a bunch of other forums. Looks like a spammer of sorts. The English is really good, though. Like it was taken straight out of Wikipedia. Nothing for me to correct here. And I just can't seem to make a meaningful response to this kind of posts :/
  10. Just a fun question out of curiosity. Would you consider programming language, such as Java, C++, etc as a "language"? My friend decided to be cheeky during his job application/interview. He said he could speak 4 languages and when the interviewer asked him what they are, he replied, "English, Java, C++ and Phyton" (After writing down those 3 items in the skills column). Obviously, the interviewer wasn't amused, and my friend thinks a job offer is very unlikely at this point. I personally wouldn't consider programming languages as a "language". It's just.. different, I guess. How abo
  11. Hey! I found a fellow Indonesian in this forum. Good to know that I'm not alone here Indonesia is more commonly knows by westerners from the city "Bali". It's a really popular place for tourists since in the past the beach and water used to be really beautiful (Too bad the government hasn't done proper maintenance yet, so the condition there is worsening). It's really funny how sometimes people don't know Indonesia, but instantly clicks when I mention Bali. If anyone is interested in knowing a bit more Indonesia or wants to learn Indonesian language, please feel free to let me know a
  12. I've been really interested in learning Japanese recently (mainly due to anime ), but I'm unsure yet where and how to begin. I was thinking that books may be my best bet, but I'm not sure which book is best, and they're usually not available in my local bookstores. Buying online is quite a hassle since my country is really annoying regarding shipments and charges a bunch for "entering the country". So I'm thinking about studying online or using mobile apps. Any tips what would be a great way to start? Maybe I should try to memorize Hiragana/Katakana first? I'm learning Chinese currently,
  13. All my life I thought 和 simply means "and", and there are no grammatical rules about it. I am simply shocked to learn today that 和 only applies to nouns, such as 我的爸爸和妈妈. Apparently saying 他是我的哥哥,和他是我最好的朋友 (He is my brother, and he is my best friend) is wrong. So what would be the right way to say this sentence? I guess something like 他是我的哥哥. 他也是我最好的朋友 (He is my brother. He is also my best friend) ? Is there any alternative to this word? I can't think of any good examples yet, but what if there is a time when we need to combine two sentences together with the word "and"? Or does Chinese
  14. Before I join in this discussion, let me correct a couple of things first, since this is the English Lounge section after all. " I'll start. (Period here) My favorite villain is Darth Vader from the Star Wars movies. (Another period here) I love the fact that he is so menacing, (I would put a comma here because it's separating two themes) but yet (This doesn't sound right. I would've gone with "and yet" or "but") and yet his story is not the one of a power hungry psycho, (Comma here, the sentence would've been too long without a comma) but rather (Maybe this is just personal preference,
  15. I was just about to make a topic about Grammarly. Good thing I found this first, or it would've seemed like a repost. In my opinion, Grammarly is an excellent program. English is (nearly) my first language and I still find this program really useful. I haven't subscribed to the paid version yet since the free version is working neatly enough for me. It's a nice tool which you install in your browser; Afterwards, whatever you type, Grammarly will automatically check for spelling errors (No more Google if you're unsure what the spelling is!) and also grammatical errors. All you have to do i
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