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  1. Yes! I absolutely agree with that! And that's why a children's approach to learning a language is one of the best! I am told that one way to learn a new language thoroughly is to learn the language like a child... Cheers!
  2. Yes mine does! It differs mainly not because of my hands or writing habits, but simply because the writing systems differ. My Indonesian handwriting is pretty much the same as English and German, however I write Chinese and Arabic... differently. Now this sounds extremely obvious and not so important xD
  3. The most beautiful writing script is definitely Arabic! They are so awe-inspiring, and they can form fascinating shapes including animals and people! Here I present you an Arabic calligraphy.... in the form of a horse!
  4. 你好! I am also struggling to learn Chinese here! Hope we both will be able to understand Chinese!
  5. I like listening to English songs the most! 8D hahaha Asian songs I like are Japanese and Korean songs! I don't know much about Chinese songs even though I am learning the language, I only know TFBoys haha! I probably need to start listening to Chinese songs~ European songs I listen to are German and French songs! And of course, I also listen to Indonesian music :3
  6. Hi there! I am currently trying to learn both Chinese and German. I am not completely new to the language, I have learned both languages at school! Social medias I use for texting are facebook, skype, Line, HelloTalk, and Telegram. However if you feel uncomfortable using them maybe I will download the social media of your choice! If you are willing to help me or if you ever need my help don't be shy and please let me know! Much obliged!
  7. If I can speak three languages fluently, does that make me multilingual? Or Trilingual? I am a native Indonesian speaker, I learn English at school and I somehow am capable of speaking Malay lol :3
  8. Hey there! I am also using HelloTalk but it seems like I am having no problems at all in both registering and using the application! I agree, the application is really great and useful for language learning! It's an app designed for you to chat with native speakers and with people interested in learning your language! My most favourite feature from this app is probably the "Correct Sentence". Native speakers can correct your sentence directly and it's really easy to see what your mistakes are, and how it should have been written! By the way I have some pals coming from Germany in HelloTalk. I don't know if they would differ much from Dutch people, considering their languages are pretty similar!
  9. Hello everyone! Frankly I was surprised to find out that there is no Indonesian in this section. Actually I have searched "Indonesia" in this forum and So I guess I will start the topic first! I will begin by introducing the country first, and then the language. <img src="https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/0/05/Indonesia_%28orthographic_projection%29.svg/250px-Indonesia_%28orthographic_projection%29.svg.png"> Above is the location of Indonesia. It is the largest country in South East Asia. It has 18,108 islands. 6,000 of these islands are inhabited. The most important islands of Indonesia are Java, Bali, Borneo, Sulawesi, and Sumatra. The capital of Indonesia is Jakarta, on Java. Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world with a population of 238,452,952 (2004 est., obviously the population has grown more today!) The official language of Indonesia is Bahasa Indonesia, but a total of 737 languages are spoken throughout Indonesia mostly confined to remote tribal groups. It is one of the most beautiful country in the world! And also home to Komodo Dragon, the one and only dragon living in the world! 1. Komodo Island <img src="http://www.remotelands.com/images/citys/130127007.jpg"> 2.Bali <img src="http://allpicts.in/download/1037/Picture_of_Beautiful_Temple_in_Bali_for_Wallpaper.jpg/"> 3. Bunaken <img src="http://www.twofishdivers.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/diving-bunaken-manado-5.jpg"> 4. Borobudur Temple <img src="https://javanesiatour.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/borobudur_sunrise.jpg"> 5. Raja Ampat <img src="https://www.twisata.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Gambar-Wisata-Raja-Ampat.jpg"> ** Indonesian language (Indonesian/Malay: Bahasa Indonesia) is the official and national language of Indonesia. Indonesian is a standardised form of the Malay language, and it's spoken in Indonesia. It has considerable differences between the standard Malay spoken in Malaysia and the Malays living in Thailand and Singapore. Bahasa Indonesia is spoken as a second language or first by most natives living in the country, because they use a regional one (such as Javanese and Sundanese). However, education, media and communication (public) in Indonesia all use Bahasa Indonesia. Most people are taught English, however most of them are unable to speak English properly, so if you have any plans to come to our country, I highly recommend you to learn the local language a little! In my opinion, the structure of the language itself is pretty simple. There is no grammar here, no verb 1 2 3 as in English. So it's like saying "I go to school today" and "I go to school yesterday" - we have no tenses to show when the action is/was done, however it can still be known by the time expressions such as yesterday, today, and tomorrow. What confuses Indonesian learners the most, in my opinion, is the huge vocabularies and slangs it has AND the -fixes (prefix, suffix, etc)! Honestly I would happily help anyone learning Bahasa Indonesia Also I would like to know if there is any Indonesian around here? Here are some useful websites that might help you learn Bahasa Indonesia (if you are interested to do so ) https://www.babbel.com/learn-indonesian www.learningindonesian.com/ www.semarang.nl/indonesian/learning-indonesian-free-en.html www.linguanaut.com/learn_indonesian.htm www.101languages.net/indonesian/ http://www.expat.or.id/info/learnbahasaindonesia.html <img src="https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-67zee9sz2Y8/VudjBU5xfYI/AAAAAAAAASc/fajuH2KBH3clnDP3gxdj-W3NxDYaMXAfg/s1600/Cinta%2BBahasa%2BIndonesia.png"> translation: I am proud to use Bahasa Indonesia THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR READING! ** source: mostly Wikipedia edit: Does anybody know how to insert picture into the topic? o-o; I am a little bit confused...
  10. Hello everyone! My name is Ailsa, I come from Indonesia (*´ω`*) I am a huge fan of CATS!!!!!! I am currently trying to learn Chinese and German! If you ever need some help learning Bahasa Indonesia, I will try my best to help you!
  11. Halo! In Bahasa Indonesia and Malay that means Hello! Hallo in german, and 你好 (nǐ hǎo )in Chinese! Also I think Salut is also used in French. You should collect these hellos too! :3 I am also aiming to be multilingual! But it's a tad bit hard because I always didn't have the time! But now that I have ample of spare time I'm going to study seriously! xD Nice to meet you by the way!
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