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  1. I mostly use google translator to understand web pages that holds information i need. For example foreign offices and information websites. Of course google translate is still a machine but if you use it to translate stuff into English it's quite useful.
  2. hi! I am a hungarian speaker, currently trying to reach c2 on english. I too think that hungarian is a really interesting language and also happy that you want to learn it. Feel free to write to me in connection with it!
  3. hi! Native hungarian speaker here. If you still interested in talking about the language and learning feel free to write. Also why did you decide on hugarian? I am really curious:
  4. Yes! I also realized this the other way. Of course dulingo is a machine trying to pick nouns and verbs and putting them together but there a lot of funny ones. I also had the idea of screen shotting them and doing a blog with title - weird duolingo - or something like this.
  5. I am living in a foreign country right now, but still mainly speaking my native language. And to tell you the truth it is not helping me learning the country's language. There are a really big hungarian minority in Romania, and as a hungarian I came to do my MA degree. I am mainly with hungarians, in hungarian pubs, studying in a hungarian university, so sadly not a big culture shock for me.
  6. I tried this with several tv shows, but just can't decide. It is more useful to watch the show with original sound and your native language subtitles, or dubbed movies with subtitles of the language you want to learn? Makes sense, I hope.
  7. Are there really long palindromes in the english language? Like a few sentence or more? In hungarian language there are several little stories consisting only of palindromes. It was s big trend among writers and poets in the 1900's to write in palindromes,
  8. There are several funny tongue twisters in the hungarian language, here are a few of them and the supposedly english meanings. Enjoy! Az ibafai papnak fapipája van, ezért az ibafai papi pipa papi fapipa vagy Az ibafai papnak fapipája van, mert az ibafai fából készült papi fapipa a legjobb papi pipa fapipa The priest of Ibafa (a village) has a wooden pipe, so the priest's pipe of Ibafa is a priest's wooden pipe. - Te tetted e tettetett tettet? Te tettetett tettek tettetett tettese, te! You committed this fake crime, you! - Nem minden tarka fajta sz
  9. Megszentségteleníthetetlenségeskedéseitekért it has 44 letters in it, the meaning itself is easier than it looks, it means, well, let's see, something like this: for your things/behaviour as if you could not be desecrated There are several really long words in hungarian language, but we don't really use them in everyday life. What are you language's longest words?
  10. The most boring part is the strict vocabulary learning - for me. When I sit down and learn a few new word, ad write them down, I really like to learn through talking and speaking to other people. But to sit beside a dictionary all day, not so good. Of course, needed, but still.
  11. Learning languages or just learning new things is good for your memory. So, yes learning languages is really good for you, especially after a certain amount of languages, it gets easier and easier. I like to read about older people starting to learn new things, even languages after becoming pensioners.
  12. Well the person who said that probably knows there are a lot of accents is brit English, right? I would like to see them what they are saying when hearing cockney accent.
  13. Reason not, but way. Once I had a student who sit down with the english dictionary and started to learn the words from A until Z. She lost all her motivation in a short time, can't blame her at all. Dictionary is not a language book!
  14. I do regret certain choices from high school. I had four years of free education on my hands, so I could have learned German in a breeze. But I was so rude and hated the german language, now I could have another language exam instead of the ability of very few and mildly sexual sentences in German.
  15. Oh yes, I totally call things not in their original names. Me and my brother so often disappoint ourselves when it turns out that certain things are not called in a way, out parents just found it cute and let us call it our version. I am not saying this is cruel but they could have saved us a lot of embarrassing moments, well at least our friends can laugh a lot at us.
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