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DW has some good courses


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There is one funny course that you can take online at the Deutsche Welle site, it is called "Deutsch, warum nicht?", why not indeed...

It is very funny because it is ancient (they still talk about Marks instead of Euros), but also because the characters are funny. You will understand what I mean once you hear it. The thing is like an audio drama that tells a story. Each lesson has a PDF that you can download along with some exercises. It gets quite complex. You should give it a try but only if you are willing to do the exercises for every lesson, otherwise I guess it is only good for training your ear.

I don't know if I am allowed to post links but you can find it pretty easily by doing a simple google search, the lessons are available in podcast format, it is 4 series of 26 or so lessons so you could do one daily, I was doing two at a time at one point. Give it a try.

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