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Terry Pratchett and the Discworld


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Terry Pratchetts Discworld series are my favourite books ever. I love how they are written and the amazing characters (Granny Weatherwax is my favourite) and the fact that there are so many in the series! I highly recommend these books to anyone looking for something to read.

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I sometimes have trouble convincing people to read the Disc World series because I think that they should read it like I read it which is random and out-of-order. I felt particularly justified in this endeavor when I read the Rincewind books in one college volume and they were terrible. I really do not like Rincewind as a character or any of the plots that he is in. Terry Pratchett got steadily better in these books and nothing quite proves it like reading the poorly rendered imitations of Hitchhiker's Guide that started the series. 

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I like these books.  They have a good amount of satire, and there are some real gems of wisdom hidden in there as well.  I like Granny Weatherwax as well.  Is Terry Pratchett pagan, I wonder?  Some of the stuff he writes is dead-on about the pagan community, especially in regards to the witches.  Not in a realistic way, but more in a satirical fashion.  I like his concept of dwarves as well.

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Never associated his books with teh Hitchhiker's Guide, but I do think he is mocking Ursula Le Guin, at least in the first book. I've found out that I can't read more than two of his books in a row, and then I have to have a break from him and read less satirical stuff.

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