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Learning Spanish, Native English

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I'm looking for someone who is willing to help me through speaking Spanish.  I visited Peru for the first time in August and fell in love with the culture and language. I began studying out of a book when I returned (rookie mistake), and then took another trip to Colombia where I became discouraged and felt all hope was lost after not studying listening and speaking haha. After I returned, I shifted my focus to picking up the language through listening and speaking. I began following programs such as Accelerated Spanish by Timothy Moser, which has help tremendously, with the speed and nuances of the language. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to work with on speaking through conversation (I am currently in Seattle). Thanks. Feel free to PM. 

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I don't have a microphone at this moment, however I'm open to any questions you may have about Spanish and Colombia (I live there). Feel free to leave me a message :)

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Hi there! I think I know what made you feel lost and discouraged. It was because you probably thought that all Spanish was the same. A little hint here. Spanish in Peru is doing to be vastly different than Spanish in Colombia and Spanish in the US. I live in California and the Spanish we speak here is way different than the Spanish that my friends in New York speak. You might want to focus on a country and work from there.

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