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Italian trouble. Mamma mia!


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Note: this is my first post and quite a long one at that, so please bear with me. 

(This, by the way, isn't the first time I tried learning another language. There was Spanish and French, too, but I eventually gave them up because of lack of dedication.)

I started learning Italian when I borrowed the Pimsleur Italian Course 1A from the public library. (Well, not exactly, I tried it on Duolingo before but stopped.) However, it was around the 7th "session" that I decided to take it seriously. I downloaded several apps, subscribed to tons of podcasts, and chose various sites. (This may or may not be a good idea.)

For the apps: I don't think I'm a fan of Duolingo's and Memrise's techniques. It feels dull and just memorizing a bunch of different words. I think that Busuu and Mindsnacks would've been fun and effective if it wasn't so limited to non-premium members. After, I forget most of the words I was introduced to. Not really forget it, more like, I know what it means and I'm familiar with it but I wouldn't recall it easily. 

Podcasts: I really like 30 Minute Italian, Coffee Break Italian, and Learn Italian Pod. I like the idea of News in Slow Italian (Beginners), but it can get really confusing. 

Sites: I haven't tried any of them, since after all these, I feel like I can't handle any more information. 

I would really like to try sites like iTalki, but I get very anxious when it comes to Skype. 

Since my native language and Italian are kind of alike, I thought that learning it would be easy. It's not. The grammar really confuses me, especially whenever the word changes depending on who you're talking to. 

I don't know what I should do next. Maybe I should just stop? I've heard horror stories about there being people who are just not fit for learning languages.

Or on a less pessimistic note, drop some apps, podcasts, and sites and focus on the remaining ones? 

I've tried searching for Italian lessons near me but they're too far. And, again, I get too anxious when it comes to Skyping or any kind of video chatting. Also, Italian isn't a widely spoken language here and I don't know anyone who speaks it, so I can't really practice with anyone. 

I've been doing these things every day, which is a huge pat-on-the-back for me, since I get lazy and rarely stick to my goal. So there's that. 

Any advice? Native speakers of Italian or those who learned Italian? I'm stuck and I don't know what to do. 

Thanks. (Or...grazie!)

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I would really like to try sites like iTalki, but I get very anxious when it comes to Skype. 


You have to overcome this in order to succeed in life in general. You know, anxiety is a terrible thing. Your fear is purely irrational. There's nothing to fear when it comes to using Skype or another similar service.

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Hi, buongiornopasta. We all know at least one language, so why shouldn't we be able to learn another? I think you might be overloading your brain with information, with all those podcasts and apps. Especially since you say you study every day. Normally that would be a good thing (a very good thing), but in your case I really think you're trying to handle too much information all at once and it's having the opposite effect. Keep studying every day but try focusing on fewer things, maybe just a book and your favourite podcast.

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