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Asking Directions in Various Languages

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Hello everyone! :)

Traveling for me is not just a way of unwinding but also a way of discovering things about a certain place or country. Experiencing the food, the customs, meeting different people are just some of the perks of traveling I look forward to every time my family and I go out of town. Well, there are some times when we get a little lost in finding a place or a tourist spot but we're always lucky enough to find people who could help us. There are just those times when we spend a little bit of time looking for someone who could understand English when we travel to a place where English is not widely spoken.

So here's my question for everyone: When I get lost in your country, how can I politely ask for directions in your native language?

In my native Filipino tongue, here are some basic conversational starters when asking for direction:

Magandang araw po, pwede po bang magtanong? - Good day, is it okay if I ask you a question?

Paano po ba ako makakarating sa ______? - How can I get to _______(the place where you want to go to)?

Maaari nyo po bang ituro sa akin kung paano makakarating sa ________? - Can you show me how to get to________?

Maraming salamat po sa pagtulong nyo sa akin. - Thank you very much for helping me.


Note that I have been using the word "po" in every sentence of the Filipino language. It is a word used to show respect to the person you are talking to especially if he/she is older than you or someone in authority. :)

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