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What do you like most about the spanish language?


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Hey guys!  I'm a native spanish speaker, and I strongly believe that spanish is a really beautiful language, specially if it's written and spoken the way is supposed to be.  One  of the things I like the most about my mother language is how complete and diverse the spanish vocabulary is!  Sadly most native spanish speakers use very few words to communicate everyday :(  I'm guilty of that as well, I guess :P

Another thing I like is the diversity of accents that can be found throughout the american continent.  I personally like the accent of my own country, I think it's one of the most neutral spanish accents out there (specially the accent used in the place where I was born).  I'm from Mexico, so the accent varies from state to state. I also like the spaniard accent :) 

What about you? What do you like the most about the spanish language?

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My favorite things about the Spanish language are:

1. The pronunciation is easy and clear. Compared to many other languages, how a Spanish word is written is basically how it is pronounced. Of course there are accent differences, but you never have to look up the meaning of a word, and then the pronunciation of the word, like you have to in many other languages (English, French, Chinese, Japanese etc.)

2. Spanish is a very widely spoken language. I love that Mexico, Cuba, Peru, Chile and Spain all speak the same language. This makes it a hugely useful language for travel, and travel is the main reason I like to learn other languages.

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I like that I have lots of opportunity to practice Spanish. I like that am lot of the words are close to English words so it is easier to learn than many languages. I also love the culture. Spanish people, in general are great. very kind and encouraging that I am trying to learn their language.

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