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Provided free online chinese lesson

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Hey, It's my pleasure to meet everyone here. I am here to offer a free lesson :)

Basically I will provide free chinese course to people who willing to learn, I have no intention to make money from this. Just to share knowledge and share the good learning spirit.

Learning should always be encourage :)  

I like to teach things from the basic, it is really important especially for Chinese. Chinese have a lot of structure and grammar which is kind of confusing somehow. 

So I will build up a steady foundation first before we get into the difficult parts, it's a long journey to go so no rush.

I will be teaching you conversational Chinese, Chinese for beginner, grammar, reading and writing. The most important is to be able to communicate with people fluently.

I will be using english to teach,but if you have some knowledge and being able to speak some, I will encourage students to communicate with me in Chinese. It is a real conversation right there with me, so you actually taking a real practice. Don't afraid to making mistake, Im here to teach and guide you, no judging :) It's ok to always try and try again.

Me personally have been self study before, and it is actually so much difficult than you could ever imagine, limited resources and mostly required for money. We probably do not have that much money to afford that, I been through there therefore I am here willing to help. :) It's great for exchanging culture and share our languages together.

Something to take note is that online lesson is different from the actual lesson, you have to be hardworking and willing to learn it more independently since I can't be there and guide you word by word. So please take extra attention on this. You have to push yourself in an appropriate way, because no one is going to do that for you. 

Lessons duration is flexible, sometime when im not on the line you can still text me and ask me question. Just bare in mind I can't reply it immediately since I have my work and studies to do too :) But I will try to be there for you.


If you want to have an intensive result in a couple of weeks I don't think my lessons helps you that much. I think building up foundation is so so important and its make you understand the true meaning and you can remember it more better. You can't rush , smooth and take it easy. 

If you are willing to do it, you will find a way, if not, you will find an excuse :)


so what are you waiting for, email me your skype name and msg me key word "JT-free Chinese course" 

Email : [email protected]

Good luck to everyone and See ya ! :D 

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