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How do ya'll learn Arabic, whats your way?


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To be honest, as part arabic local myself, the way we learn arabic has to always be in order : "pronunciation, grammar and writing."  the way i learn arabic is by reading the Qur'an, listening to arabic scholars and arabic songs which are mostly pop. Hahaha... But what I'm frustrated is that, even though we are part local, we still find it hard to deal with grammar after mastering the pronunciation and writing. how do ya'll learn arabic?

Btw, my name is : Nur Atikah Mohammed (نور عاتكة) ... It's very nice to meet you but call me, "Atikah" If I haven't properly introduce. My parents gave me an arabic name which means, "Beautiful Light" and Mohammed is just my family name. So overall -- it means, beautiful light from the descendent of our prophet, "Mohammed." that has always been the concept.

Just sharing knowledge, "my name" in arabic is "منسمك" and to those that thought shukran is thank you which is also right but it's actually "shukurran" though, normally we say, "alhamdulliah shukurran." 

Lets share arabic knowledge here, بارك الله فيكم ! :) 


watch this : here's why we learn Arabic -  


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Shukurran for your post and links Atikah.  Ya, ana adrus ala'rabiyya!  Forgive my lack of words as of yet, I've only just begun.  For me, I plan to use the internet, especially youtube, for pronunciation, grammar, structure, and basic vocabulary, and books to increase my vocabulary. 

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