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My multilanguage translator (free)

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You enter in English, and get translations in multiple languages of your choice. You could use an existing translator such as Google Translate but you have to do that one language at a time. Mine does it all with one click.

Any comments are welcome.

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Great stuff! Thanks for sharing.

How did you built your own translation engine? Is it based on other translation engines like the Google's or Baidu's. To my understanding it's far beyond a personal or small team's capability to build the core functions of language translations, unless you go with the old fashioned word-by-word style. Google and BAIDU are using AI to power their translation modules. 

Anyway, you stuff is cool - translating into multiple languages in one go! :)

I am running a human translation team (for the language pair of English<>Chinese Mandarin) and hope you don't mind that I put a link here: 


We are not competitors anyway, right. 

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