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Aquire a new language the same way as children do


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I'm a 14 years old native Swedish-speaker who wonder if it's possible to learn a language fluently without grammar exercises, translations etc. If it's possible to learn the language the same way as children do, just through watching movies in the language and listen. When I was 11 years old, I tried to do this with Lithuanian. Every day I watched cartoons for children for maybe one hour each day. At first I didn't understand one single words, but soon I started to distinguish more and more words. And now, 2,5 years later I've picked up so much that I can follow conversations even between teens and adults at youtube and at least understand what they're talking about. I've picked up some cases-endings that don't exist in germanic languages which I've never heard about before and know the different plural endings. 

When I started this experiment I wanted to learn a language naturally and I wanted to mimic the way children learn as long as possible. 

Are there anyone who have tried this with any language? Was 11 years old young enough to make it possible to reach near-native level? Can I continue with this method or am I too old soon? 

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Hi, yes of course you can, that's one easy method to learn a language. I'm doing the same right now learning Chinese, just watch 1 or 2 hours of Chinese show or movies everyday and getting better everyday. Watching movies is a  great method because you can associate their expression to the words you're learning. However I think it'd be best to sometimes mix it with other methods such as grammar learning, etc. 

I believe using mix methods is the best way and quickest way to learn a language (at least for me !)

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