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learning russian grammar


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I've started learning russian using Memrise because Duolingo I dont like so much. What do you guys prefer, Memrise or Duolingo? What I dont like about Duolingo is that you are typing english words while i want to do as much russian as possible. 

Aside from vocabulary and some basic grammar.. i need to dive deep in the grammar now.. Is there any online book i can get cheap or some other place where to practice with grammar online?

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Study With Us on Discord for FREE!

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I will tutor you Russian in 45 MIN classes on Skype. I provide teaching in English.

You DO NOT have to learn anything before attending my lessons - you can be a complete beginner. 

I was on many Russian competitions and my placement is always TOP 10. So, you will learn the language from someone who is A GOOD CONNOISSEUR.

I will also send you some materials including audio files, Microsoft Word documents and helpful exercises written by my own.


I work flexible hours. So, you should contact me before ordering to make an arrangement for the lessons. When we arrange the lesson, the time is fixed and if you cannot attend the class, class will be counted as completed. 
Minimum price and Maximum satisfaction.

Contact me any time 24/7.


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To me,  Duolingo  is one of the worst resources for Russian language. Just out of interest, i wanted to take a look at Duolingo, and already found lots of mistakes at the very beginning of their courses. Actually i don't remember what it is called quiz or course whatever the hell, but you got what i meant.

If you want to practice, i strongly encourage you to find a native speaker friend or at least someone who is fluent in Russsian, preferably someone who lives or already lived for a long time in a Russian speaking country.  




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hello everyone)) in fact, there are enough resources on the Internet to learn such a language as Russian, but the whole problem is that sometimes it is not possible to comprehend it yourself, and therefore I personally went to a Russian course at a Russian school https://golearnrussian. com/, just because they would explain to me the simplest rules of this language, how to correctly compose a sentence, and so on. It's good that there are understanding teachers who will always help))

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